The spring 2019 programme of presentations is now advancing nicely along and for the month of April Phil Lockwood and Enid Vincent returned to Saltaire to present another of their “Diverted” series of talks focussed on modern day action.On this occasion lines that encompass a great deal of that which can be seen, or found, within the West Riding were described on a journey from Wakefield to Leeds via Huddersfield, Barnsley and Castleford.The featured motive power concentrated mainly on modern diesel locomotives operating on widespread freight and passenger duties that were, and continue to be seen, in more recent times.Multiple units also played a significant part within the presentation as they operate very widely along the routes that were portrayed.The major focal points within the programme were covered in some detail as the journey meandered along a varied number of routes.Of significance were the lines radiating from Huddersfield westwards along the LNWR to Marsden and then in an easterly direction along Lancashire & Yorkshire metals to Barnsley.Returning towards Wakefield significant photographs illustrated significant railway engineering activities inside Bombardier’s Wakefield factory where Voyagers were assembled and Virgin’s Mark III stock refurbished.Working easterly over Goose Hull Junction, via Normanton and the lines towards Castleford localities rich in freight activity were shown before the final destination of Leeds was reached.This excellent show was brought to a conclusion with photographs of modern day scenes (Deltics/HST’s/91’s) taken at City Station and freight locomotive movements at the nearby localities of Holbeck and Stourton.

Moving forward within this current month of May two meetings have been programmed. In the first instance the evening meeting has been arranged for the usual 3rd Thursday of the month (16th May) and this meeting will be a touch different.The presentation is to comprise of a couple of DVD’s created from 16mm cine film taken by the late, and very well-known, W. A. (Cam) Camwell, all of which cover the steam era between the 1950’s and 1960’s.Scotland, the North East, Wales and Ireland are but a few of the varied scenes that are featured in footage that is rarely exhibited.

Later in the month will be the second of the season's afternoon meetings and on this occasion Steve Batty will be presenting a compilation of his photographic material taken over a wide number of years, mainly featuring modern motive power of which a large proportion is likely to illustrate freight activities. Steve is a most excellent photographer and a lot of his photographs are regularly to be seen in "The Railway Observer". All can be assured of a quality photographic presentation. The meeting is to be held on 30th May commencing at 2.00pm at Saltaire.

June is usually the month where members have the opportunity to present some of their own work/photographs to the meeting.To ensure a good programme will be on offer a couple of members have already been approached but should anyone else be interested in contributing to the evening please let me know at the next Saltaire gathering so that I can put everything together.

Please be reminded that this year's outside visit will take place on WEDNESDAY 17th July, at approximately 6.30pm (TBC).The visit is to the Bradford Model Engineers Society premises at Northcliffe Woods, Shipley, for an evening of riding around the park behind model engines – steam and all.

A few short words to just follow up on the new Society website, which was launched at the beginning of April.All is going well and the new format blends nicely with plenty from the original website.What has been established is that we at the Branch have learnt how to upload meeting reports and newsletters.Hence these can now be readily kept up-to-date.What remains to be sorted is the uploading and upkeep of the branch photographic gallery as this still has to be initiated by the Society Webmaster.As things currently stand there are no pictures to be seen on the West Riding Branch element of the website.In this respect we are not alone as all branches are similarly affected.Hopefully this will not take too long to resolve.

As regards the Annual General Meeting of the Society, which took place at the end of last month, nothing of any serious consequence emerged.Volunteer recognition was finally agreed and the outcome will be announced via the Branch Liaison Officer in a few weeks’ time.All of the Trustees and Management Committee, who were up for re-election or re-appointment, were returned to office.No financial concerns were expressed.

Worthy of some note is that one branch has recently closed due to lack of volunteering support.

Before finally closing Michael Leahy informs me that some kind of planning notices are finding their way through Bradford Council relating to proposals for the former GNR Shipley Windhill station.Mention is made of Heritage.This looks most interesting and no doubt all will be revealed in the non-too distant future.

Other than to say that next season’s programme of presentations has now been finalised for the moment I will leave matters here and once again close these notes by thanking all for supporting the branch in such good numbers.

Last updated: 10th May 2019