Dear Members and Friends

All is now heading rapidly towards the Christmas festivity period and as usual the December meeting is scheduled to be a week earlier than usual, which this year will be on Thursday 12th December.

In my last communication I made note that the arranged date now coincides with the General Election and that the room we use in Saltaire is to be the local polling station. Given that notices for our meeting have been published in the railway press, the RO and on the website the meeting will still go ahead but is now to be held in the church at the upper level.

On this occasion, and as a final show for the year, a Christmas Quiz will be put on by our own John Holroyd. Fear not as the questions will not test your detailed knowledge of technicalities but all will be of significant interest and to John's high quality of photography, spreading far and wide across the country over a good many years. Undoubtedly steam will be very much to the forefront. After the usual mid-session interval John will continue by presenting a compilation of images that he took 50 years ago in 1969. Attendances throughout this year have been excellent and a good send off to 2019 would be nice. The meeting commences at 7.30pm.

News from the Branch for this month is somewhat thin on the ground other than to record that the Committee met in the middle of November which recorded that all continues to progress nicely along. Treasurer David Beeken reported that the monies in the bank are more or less around the same as last year, which is very good news. As I write these notes there is a vacancy on the Branch Committee for one further member. If anyone is interested in helping to keep the Branch afloat please let me know as any help is always appreciated.

A couple of ideas were put forward for next year's outside meeting for which a visit to Shipley Glen was very much the favourite. This I will follow through in the next couple of months. More later as the idea progresses.

Now that 2020 is almost here the time is approaching when I must put together the indoor meeting programme for 2020/21. However I already have a broad outline of who I would like to approach so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a relatively easier task this time around.

Since my November notes were circulated little has surfaced at Management Committee level and all I have to report is that an updated and long awaited Officers' Handbook has finally come to fruition. Attention though over recent weeks has been, and is being, almost solely given to the future governance of the Society with the aim of rationalising the Management and Trustee structures into one single governing body. Hopefully the resulting outcome will be agreed and thus put before the members at the Society AGM in April.

Should anyone be interested enough to follow matters at HQ level redacted Management Committee meeting minutes can now be viewed on the RCTS website.

Finally my thanks for your continued interest in the Branch and the Society, without which it would not exist.

A Merry Christmas and may 2020 be good to all.

With my kind regards


Last updated: 6th December 2019