Cotswold Rail Class 03s

Cotswold Rail Class 03s

In 2000 Gloucestershire based Cotswold Rail acquired five Class 03?s from various locations and moved them to sites in Gloucestershire and Warwickshire. The locomotives were then either scrapped or sold on during 2001 and 2002. It would though appear that the full histories of these locomotives from mid 2000 until mid 2002 are not fully known and what has been previously published is not the full story.

Initially details of any actual observations of these locomotives made during 2000-2002 are being sort. In addition anyone who has other information about the locomotives during this period is asked to make contact. Photographs of the locomotives during this period would also be very much appreciated.

Below are listed the five locomotives concerned. Clicking on a particular locomotive number will take you to a page giving details of what is so far known about the locomotive in 2000-2002 and any observations so far submitted. Your observations should be submitted using the boxes on the right. When entering the date please use dd/mm/yyyy. Your observation will then appear in the listing over the following days.






Last updated: 10th March 2019