Ex Main Line Locomotives used as ETS mobile generation units


   DB968001 (by then numbered ADB968001) at Finsbury Park depot on 2nd July 1977   Tony Willmore
Ten main line locomotives, four Class 15 in 1969, two Class 24/1 in 1976 and four Class 31/0 in 1977-1980 were converted for use as predominantly static ETS mobile generation units. It is though often not realised the variety of locations they were used at or could be seen over the years. In order to build up a better picture of exactly where these locomotives could be found any obervations are very much welcomed.

   DB968009 (by then numbered TDB968009) at Oxford on 7th July 1979   Tony Willmore
   DB968013 (by then numbered ADB968013) at Great Yarmouth on 13th June 1981   Tony Willmore


Listed below are the various locomotives converted to ETS mobile generation units. By clicking on a particular locomotive you will be taken to a page giving brief historical details and any observations so far submitted. Your observations should be submitted using the boxes on the right. When entering the date please use dd/mm/yyyy. Your observation will then appear in the listing over the following few days.

DB968000 (ex D8243)

DB968001 (ex D8233)

DB968002 (ex D8237)

DB968003 (ex D8203)

DB968008 (ex D5054 - 24054)

DB968009 (ex D5142 - 24142)

DB968013 (ex D5513 - 31013)

DB968014 (ex D5502 - 31002)

DB968015 (ex D5514 - 31014)

DB968016 (ex D5508 - 31008)

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