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Though it is true that the photographs shown in this "Mystery Photos" web feature are part of the Courtney Haydon Collection, they are undoubtedly the work of the late Peter Green. Unfortunately these are not catalogued, so the purpose of this web feature is to uncover as much information as possible regarding the photos and particularly the "Location" and ,if we can, the date. Thank you for all the help already given and for any further information.


Tuesday 11/6/13 I have been asked to point out that the one hundred and twenty-five colour slides recently featured on "Mystery Photos" and prefixed "RE" are from the camera of the late Rae Read, a member of the West Midlands branch of the RCTS. They are a small part of Ray's bequest to the society and ARE NOT part of the Courtney Haydon Collection.

Wed.23/10/2013 As far as I can tell I have come to the end of the negs from the Peter Green archive but there are some which do not appear to be in the web archive. I need some time to discover which these are so the posting for 31/10/13 will be the last for a period. Meanwhile , the web feature will stay live - there are always comments being written to photos posted almost as far back as the beginning of the exercise and we are still getting new contributors. Our thanks once more to all who have contributed to this research. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Tues. 5/11/13 Browsing the "Mystery Photos" archive via the 'any text' searchbox I find that a number of films cannot be located. These are probably those posted originally in the "Query Photo" album on the RCTS Library Yahoo Group which were only available to a relatively small number of you. So, apologies if you have seen them before but do please add your comments. Posting will be each Monday from 11/11/13.

13/1/14 It is not known who it was that gave the "67" series these Reference Numbers but the sequencing is far from accurate. This film, 011 is from Aug./Sept. '67 whereas 001 is dated Nov. '67.

For 2015 "Mystery Photos 2" will bring you a selection of slides from the Ron Dyer archive There should be an introduction by Max Birchenough who will endeavour to give some guidance using Ron's notebooks. As before slides will be posted each Monday commencing 05/01/2015. As always, please give as much information as possible. Thank you in advance

Please be advised that film 67062, Mon. 29/6/2015, is in part wrongly ordered. Frames 06 - 11 should be 00 - 05, i.e. the start of the film. Likewise frames 00 - 05 should be 06 - 11. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Contrary to what is printed, the photos for 29/6/15 and those posted on the Mondays in July 2015, please be advised that these are from the Peter Green archive AND NOT from the Ron Dyer Slide archive.

It is with deep regret and profound sadness to record that Cyril Crawley passed away on 30th October 2015 - Webmaster

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Added: 19/01/2011

Y-23 takes us back to North Walsham, Wroxham and Wymondham, where we branch off to ???? Remember you can fill in the location box!

North Walsham

North Walsham

North Walsham

Added: 14/01/2011

Quite a few names shown here but little more. I wonder what else will be discovered. Except for one or two I have no ideas of direction or where we are going. Is Cromer Beach a golden oldie?

North Walsham

North Walsham

North Walsham

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