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Round Oak Rail, Brierley Hill


Walnut Tree Viaduct
Walnut Tree Viaduct looking?
Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (B-67-04)
03/11/2010 from John Simmonds
From memory I'm thinking this is a SW view. The line on the viaduct goes through Tongwynlais/Morganstown Tunnel.
03/11/2010 from Max Birchenough
Agreed - a SW-facing view. TVR main line in foreground with Taff's Well behind the camera right.
11/03/2011 from J.v.Morris
This location is facing Cardiff. The viaduct came through Walnut Tree West tunnel 300 yards to the left of the right hand end abutment. The Dolomite quarry can just be made out on the extreme right hand top). The line did not go through the Tongwynlais/Morganstown tunnel. That was the Cardiff railway, below the viaduct. regards j.v.morris
15/07/2015 from Brian Mills
location: Taffs Well
John Simmonds is partly correct but the line went through the Walnut Tree tunnel (sic) above and south of Morganstown. Mr J.v.Morris is correct but the so-named former Cardiff Railway's Tongwynlais 180-yard tunnel (no reference to Morganstown)as he rightly states, was off picture running parallel with the former TV lines seen here and to the left and about 30-feet above the old A470 Cardiff-Pontypridd Road. It was completely broken into and the area remodelled for the new A470 trunk road passage. (See TRACKBED.com)
05/09/2016 from Paul Herrits
I recently cycled along the cycle path known as Sir Henry's trail and came across a lost gem the steel bridge before the Walnut Tree Viaduct and remembered the old Viaduct from so many years ago my late father was like a little boy over the viaduct all of Caerphilly were so proud of their viaduct it was very sad to lose such a historic feature I took a lovely picture of the old steel bridge which I look at many a year.
21/01/2019 from richard evans
A wonderful picture of a magnificent structure. Memories of journeys to Cardiff years ago. Mr. Brian Mills gives a concise accurate description, correcting perhaps lapses of memory by the other gentlemen. Once again thank you.
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