Mystery Photographs

The Courtney Haydon Collection and Ron Dyer Archive

Mixnitz - St Erhard, Austria

Maho Jct, Sri Lanka

Photograph: John Tolson (JT-106-03)
12/10/2015 from eastwestdivide
On the sign on the left, you can just about make out "junction". The wikipedia page on Sri Lankan railways has only one 4-letter junction station, Maho Junction, and the semaphores match other photos of that station on the web
13/10/2015 from Mike Christensen
The signals are excellent examples of those supplied by Westinghouse in the UK to what was then the Ceylon Government Railways. Westinghouse had a range of castings with the lettering CGR on them - including these rather stylish finials. I wonder at the purpose of the (light shade?) on the post of the top left signal.
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