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Photograph: Ron Dyer Archive (WRD00630)
22/06/2015 from Mark Higginson
location: Derby
Ex-works Class 46 D140 on Derby 4 Shed. Coaling plant to the rear and Litchurch Gas Works in the background. D140 duly became 46003 and was an early 'Peak' withdrawal after suffering fire damage in 1978.
26/06/2015 from Max Birchenough
D140 heads the list of locos on the depot in a visit to Derby on 16/4/67, which is a very likely date for a shot of a freshly-repainted Peak in the livery transition period.
28/06/2015 from Bill Harrison
location: Derby
Interesting early repaint with all control hoses painted white rather than colour-coded.
08/08/2015 from Tony Willmore
location: Derby
The loco was still vacuum brake only at the time of this photo, so the air reservoir equalising pipes either side of the buffer beam would be painted white to indicate that they are only reservoir equalising pipes and not air reservoir feed pipes. This was common for vacuum-only locos at this time and would only ever be used if hauling another dead loco as a braked vehicle. Vacuum pipe has also been painted white but steam pipe looks to be silver, as it should be.
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