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Sidings Derby

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Semaphores Derby

Semaphores Derby

Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (Y-16-15)
17/12/2010 from Rob Drake
Approaching Derby South Jct
17/12/2010 from Michael Christensen
The train is on the Down Main. The Down Goods is over to the right. The line on the left is the shunt neck for the down side storage sidings. Note the rare tall siding signal with a yellow arm (you can tell it is a yellow arm in b&w 'cos the bar across it is black not white). This was an odd sort of signal. You could pass it at 'on' provided that the route to which it applied when 'off' was not set. So if the points were normal, you could shunt past into the neck. It saved a lot of work for the signalman. But this meant that the driver had to check the lie of the points beyond the signal to see whether or not he could pass it at 'on' Not so bad in daylight, but think about it on a wet and dark night. In practice it was not so bad as it sounds, because you would usually have asked the signalman for the road out anyway, so you would know what was happening.
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