Mystery Photographs

The Courtney Haydon Collection and Ron Dyer Archive

Signal Box Derby

Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (Y-16-26)
17/12/2010 from Bevan Price
I think we are now coming off the Chaddesden line, and are approaching the north end of Derby station, with part of Derby Works visible on the far left.
17/12/2010 from Mark Higginson
Correct, the train is just crossing the 'Five Arches' bridge over the River Derwent. Derby Junction box on the left.
17/12/2010 from Rob Drake
This is Derby Jc - with the north end of Derby station in the distance
17/12/2010 from Michael Christensen
The train is coming off the Down line doing a weave to get across the Up Goods (the loco has just reached this line) on to the Up Passenger) the line on the left is the Down Goods from Derby South. This place thus marked the change of direction for operating purposes.
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