DRS 68's - Appeal for operations information

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DRS 68's - Appeal for operations information

Post by MIKER » Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:59 pm

I have received a request from one of the Ed team regarding a trip he is making to Scotland shortly -

In August I am planning a short break in the depths of central Scotland, with intent, among other things, to see as many of the non-Chiltern Cl 68s as possible. It would be extremely useful to get access to a TOPS printout,certainly on day 1 of the marathon when I plan to look for the Inverness and Aberdeen intermodals and the timing is pretty non-cooperative (e.g the Inverness appears at Larbert, where there is a convenient Premier Inn, at about the same time as the two Fife Circle workings appear at Edinburgh)

In theory, of course, access to TOPS is strictly limited to authorised staff - although I think we all know that certain sites exist which seem to have that access (i.e. there are moles around!). At the moment, however, I can't trace one but do any of your contacts have a pet site which they would be prepared to recommend?

If anyone can help please email Chris directly at dianebasford@virginmedia.com


Mike Robinson

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