Royal Welsh Agricultural Show, Temporary Station 1925

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Royal Welsh Agricultural Show, Temporary Station 1925

Post by RichardCoulthurst » Mon Nov 21, 2016 3:43 pm

One of the major events in Wales each year is Royal Welsh Agricultural Show. Until it moved to its permanent showground at Llanelwedd,near Builth Wells (in 1963?) it moved round the country each year. In 1925 it visited Carmarthen and received over 52,000 visitors over the four day show. The show site was near Johnstown on the Great Western main line to West Wales and the road to Llanstephan. Apparently a temporary station was opened possibly called Royal Welsh Agricultural Showground or Llanstephan Platform (not to be confused with Llanstephan Radnor Halt on the Mid Wales line) to serve the event. At a later date a milk factory served by rail was opened on the same site or nearby.
Can anyone confirm the opening and closing dates of this halt? It seems likely that it was open for longer than the actual dates of the show due to the need to set up and dismantle the stands. Also, what sort of service was provided? Were the animals carried by rail to the show? Were normal service trains stopped at the station or was a shuttle service provided to and from Carmarthen. Do any photographs exist of this short lived station? Perhaps special trains were run from other part of Wales?

If anyone has access to copies of the local Carmarthen newspaper of the time there may well be adverts or announcements which will answer at least some of these queries. There would have been special GWR traffic notices or something similar to cover this event but I doubt if any have survived. Any ideas will be gratefully received.

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Re: Royal Welsh Agricultural Show, Temporary Station 1925

Post by pdeaves » Mon Nov 21, 2016 5:40 pm

Michael Quick's book states "used August 1925", so it looks like source information may be lacking.

Not much help, I know, but a little extra evidence that may contribute to the overall picture.

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