04/06/66 Last day Rugby-Peterborough East

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04/06/66 Last day Rugby-Peterborough East

Postby MisterC » Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:06 pm

A while ago I attempted to identify all of the locomotives working on the last day on the Rugby-Peterborough East line which was 4 June 1966.
I was reminded of this by an article in "Nene Steam", journal of the Nene Valley Railway, and I am posting this message here in the hope that someone may be able to fill the gaps.
From various magazines and photographs I have identified the following so far:
D5036 worked the last eastbound train 2053 Rugby-Peterborough and at least one other train earlier in the day, probably 1818 Peterborough-Rugby and possibly others too;
D5085 worked the last westbound train 2012 Peterborough-Rugby having worked 1555 Birmingham-Yarmouth as far as Peterborough East (where D5526 went forward), and possibly other trains earlier in the day;
D5145 worked 1240 Harwich-Rugby, presumably from Peterborough East, and likely to have worked eastbound earlier in the day.
I am assuming that 0855 Birmingham-Ely and 1224 back was a dmu as usual.
This leaves the following not yet identified:
eastbound 0705 Peterborough-Rugby, 0725 Yarmouth-Birmingham and 1818 Peterborough-Rugby;
westbound 0636 Rugby-March and 1233/1347/1729 Rugby-Peterborough.
I am particularly keen to determine whether any Brush Type 2s were in passenger service on the last day and other evidence suggests that at least one of the two lunchtime departures from Rugby was usually a Brush Type 2.
Thanks in advance to anyone able to provide any new information.
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Re: 04/06/66 Last day Rugby-Peterborough East

Postby MisterC » Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:14 pm

I have now found a fot which confirms that 1224 Ely-Birmingham was a 6 car BRCW dmu on 4 June 1966, and a fot of D5036 that I'm fairly sure is 1818 Peterborough East-Rugby.
Given the information gleaned from the mystery photographs, I suspect that D5145 worked 1347 Rugby-Peterborough East.
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Re: 04/06/66 Last day Rugby-Peterborough East

Postby nahiean.sa » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:39 am

I am very happy to see this post, it was astonishing to say the truth. See your archives. Thank you :) :) :)
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Re: 04/06/66 Last day Rugby-Peterborough East

Postby MisterC » Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:56 pm

I now have a bit more information, particularly on the eastbound trains from Rugby, and this is a revised version.

0636 Rugby-March not known
0855 Birmingham-Ely 6 car BRCW dmu
1233 Rugby-Peterborough D5145
1347 Rugby-Peterborough D5522
1555 Birmingham-Yarmouth D5085 to Peterborough D5526 forward
1729 Rugby-Peterborough D5010 (returned light engine)
2053 Rugby-Peterborough D5036

0705 Peterborough-Rugby not known
0725 Yarmouth-Birmingham not known
1224 Ely-Birmingham 6 car BRCW dmu
1240 Harwich-Rugby D5145 forward from Peterborough
1818 Peterborough-Rugby D5036
2012 Peterborough-Rugby D5085
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