Pre-nationalisation station use

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Re: Pre-nationalisation station use

Post by etr220 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:24 pm

Another query is over Turnham Green and Ravenscourt Park (LSWR services withdrawn 1916), and Stamford Brook (never served by LSWR trains) - all on an originally LSWR line: when did management (and station operation) transfer from LSWR (or SR) to Underground (MDR/LPTB)? My understanding is that ownership - but not management - remained SR until post-nationalisation re-organisation.

Richard Allen
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Re: Pre-nationalisation station use

Post by Richard Allen » Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:12 am

etr220 wrote:A few further thoughts:
Wandsworth Road and Clapham Road (on the LCDR/SECR section of the South London Line) remained served by LBSCR services after withdrawal of SECR services in c1916.
Were Coulsdon South (present name) and Merstham, on the SE/SEC section of the Brighton mainline always served by SE/SEC services, or were there times when they only had LBSC services?
AIUI, post WW2 services at Kensington Addison Road/Olympia were run by LPTB (District line from Earl's Court) and Southern (unadvertised service from Clapham Jn.), but the station was West London (joint LMSR & GWR)
Who ran Royal Oak station (AIUI it was a GWR only (not Joint) station), and who provided the services over the years (joint or Met/LPTB only?)?

A large can of worms in this area might be those services and stations run by the Underground group pre 1933 - while it had one public face, and one owning company (Underground Electric Railways Company of London. Limited = UERL), 'under the covers' there were four railway undertakings (MDR, LER, CLR and C&SLR) - which was doing what and where is something I wouldn't claim any knowledge or understanding of. One particular issue in this area is the western extension of the Piccadilly line (LER) over MDR (and ex LSWR) tracks to Hounslow and South Harrow - on the latter branch did you have LER trains (only) serving MDR stations? (Piccadilly line trains did not get to Uxbridge (over the Met beyond S Harrow) until LPTB days - I have I think read that this was due to the agreement/powers being for MDR (not LER) trains, and the Met not being prepared to be flexible over this)
Some interesting points here. The Hammersmith and City line was Met and GW Joint until nationalisation but some GWR and BR (W) services called there until the track alterations of c 1967 when it then became H&C only.

Another example is the east end of the District Line, where some stations, like Upney and Upminster Bridge, were owned by the LMS and later BR(E) but only had platforms on the District tracks and were only ever served by LPTB/LT trains.

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