Gollanfield, Freigh/Passenger Trains collided,June 9th, 1953

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Gollanfield, Freigh/Passenger Trains collided,June 9th, 1953

Post by Scottishlass » Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:32 pm

Hi. Newbie to the site. Here primarily to see if anyone knows anything about the aforementioned Head-on collision that occurred on June 9th, 1953, after 8-9pm? Online reports give conflicting details, some saying 2 Drivers and a Stoker were killed, others that it was 2 Stokers 1 Driver. Can anyone give me a definitively correct answer to this and perhaps direct me to any accessible source of further accurate details, eg. were the names of those who died ever released, or were they only referred to in generic/Job Title terms? Presumably a local newspaper covered this incident, can anyone save me a lot of Library Time and let me know where I can find an newspaper article?, that would be very much appreciated. I'm aware of records held at the National Archives in Kew Gardens, but not where similar records are held in Scotland. Perhaps our Reference Library (Mitchell) will hold identical Incident Records. ANY info on this crash would be most appreciated, even if speculative as to the cause, eg.Who's Fault question marks surrounding it. My reasons for wanting to know are truly "unexpected". Thanks.

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Re: Gollanfield, Freigh/Passenger Trains collided,June 9th,

Post by MisterC » Fri Nov 02, 2018 9:33 pm

I think that the information you require is here:

http://www.railwaysarchive.co.uk/docsum ... ?docID=973

The document is at Kew reference MT114/312:

http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.u ... r/C2367241

All railway accidents are investigated. There is an annual report of accidents plus individual reports for the most significant accidents. Railways archive website is a good source also the National Archives at Kew and Search Engine at the National Railway Museum in York. The Scottish National Archive in Edinburgh probably has this too.

For local newspaper coverage the British Library will have these on microfilm. Press and Journal is I guess the relevant paper. I find it easier to look at local newspapers in the relevant local libraries rather than ordering them for viewing at St Pancras.

The accident report explains how the accident occurred. In it you will see that both drivers and the fireman of the passenger train were killed ,with the fireman of the freight train jumping clear before the collision (stokers is very American!). The names of the freight train crew are given in the report, but not the names of the crew of the passenger train, and you probably need to go to the local newspapers for those.

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