2001- 2006

2001- 2006

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60001 remained allocated to Thornaby (TE) until May 2004 when Immingham (IM) took over maintenance responsibility for the whole class.

60001 failed with a 'burst' engine on the evening of 24th February 2006 while working a loaded MGR on the Liverpool Gladstone Dock to Fiddlers Ferry coal circuit. It was hauled dead in tow to Warrington and subsequently moved to Toton where it was stored on 2nd March in pool WNTS - EWS tactical stored, depot code WQ. Damage to the engine is thought to be 'terminal' so 60001 is unlikely to work again unless a replacement engine becomes available.

In May 2007 most stored locomotives with depot code WQ were reallocated to depot code TO; 60001 remained in pool WNTS. After being stored in Toton depot sidings for almost two years, 60001 was moved into the Compound on 26th February 2008 and has since been joined there by other stored class 60s.

On 3rd September 2010 DB Schenker, formerly EWS, put 103 stored locomotives up for sale by tender. These included 60001 and 19 other members of the class, the first time that class 60s had been offered for sale. On 23rd September these 20 class 60s were all reallocated to pool WNXX - DBS stored unserviceable (the company was no longer using the more appropriate pool WNZX - locomotives for disposal). They were later withdrawn from sale; it is assumed that any offers didn't meet the reserve price.

Things became more promising on 7th August 2012 when it was reported that 60001 had been added to the class 60 overhaul programme and reallocated to pool WNWX - DBS mainline locomotives stored for heavy repair, initially with an expected OK date at the end of March 2013. Then on 15th October it was moved from Toton Compound into the main depot area; unlike other locomotives in the overhaul programme, which had their nameplates removed when they were taken inside the depot, 60001's nameplates remained fitted until late February 2013.

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ourlocos/6000160001 Strand Road 01May01 Doug Birmingham (8A Rail) not found

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ourlocos/6000160001 Berkley Marsh 10Feb02 Mark Few not found

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ourlocos/6000160001 Althorpe 30Sep02 David Neville not found

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ourlocos/6000160001 Worlaby Carr 01Nov01 Steve Batty not found

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ourlocos/6000160001 Lackenby 20Apr01 Peter J Robinson not found

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ourlocos/6000160001 Craigenhill 13Jun01 Peter Kellett not found

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ourlocos/6000160001 Birmingham International 13Jly01 Gary Thornton not found

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ourlocos/6000160001 Lancaster 27Jly01 Russell Moorhouse not found

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