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Where to find the library

The library is located at 23 Hillingdon Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex opposite RAF Uxbridge.

From Uxbridge Underground station: various buses and some U routes stop at the Greenway; from West Drayton (BR) Station bus U3, stops just before the traffic lights at Junction of the Greenway and Hillingdon Road; Uxbridge LT Bus & Underground Station are about 12 minutes walk away, and the bus goes a long way round, so it may be quicker to walk. Turn left out of station and walk along the High Street to the Civic Centre and then pass the RAF base. Library is on the opposite side of road to the RAF base, about 200 metres after its main entrance.

Access for all-comers is via the unmade up road: Park Road East, adjacent to 25 Hillingdon Road, (about 120 metres on the Uxbridge side of the Greenway traffic lights, where there is Jack's fish & chip cafe); and then turn left into alleyway behind numbers 21-25, then look for the RCTS signs. You SHOULD bring a TORCH or FLASHLIGHT for the winter openings, as part of the access route is dark and can be very puddled after rain has fallen.

LIBRARY CORRESPONDENCE only to T. Silcock, 17 Raisins Hill, Pinner, Middx. HA5 2BU. Letters must NOT be sent to Hillingdon Road as there is no facility for the Librarian to collect post sent there.

EVENING OPENING TIME WILL BE 4.30 TO 7PM, IF MEMBERS PRESENT AT THAT TIME, LIBRARY WILL REMAIN OPEN UNTIL LAST MEMBER LEAVES, but no later than 7.30pm. Afternoon opening is 2.30-5pm. Should a deputy have to attend opening hours may be restricted.

Library Closure

Following a recent review of the Library premises at Uxbridge it has been agreed that they should be closed to visitors until remedial action can take place. The closure will be effective from Friday, 3rd June until further notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience to members who are assured that we are doing everything possible to rectify the situation. Certain other library services will also be restricted during this time. We are still seeking a replacement Librarian (January 2011 RO, Page 1), Please contact David Pick (tel. 01604 810613 or by e-mail.


Parking is NEVER permitted in Park Road East, the unmade up access road. Private clampers are on patrol.

Hillingdon Road is now residents ONLY parking 0900-1700 Monday to Friday. This means there are usually some spaces there at 1700.

There are pay and display bays in the Greenway and other local roads, including Villiers Street, in the area beyond the old GWR branch route. Some have free parking for 30 minutes, but all require parkers to display (& pay) a ticket.

There is pedestrian access from the Greenway via Merryfield Road into Park Road East via an rchway then turn right and the Library's alley way is about 100yards on your right. The FREE spots in Merryfields and Cornfields Close, to the right of the Greenway, are NOW residents parking only.

If you are delivering to the Library there may be parking spaces in the alley access to the Library, but please be prepared to move to allow our neighbours access.

An alternative is to park in the town centre car parks.


If you require any further information regarding the library and our catalogue please contact the Librarian.

Specific enquiries may be sent by e-mail and payments made by VISA or MasterCard. Postal enquiries from MEMBERS ONLY. Please be sure to include an SAE.

E-mail: Terry Silcock; Library E-mail group: RCTSLibrary@yahoogroups.com

Library meetings are held at , commencing at

Both Society members and non-members are very welcome to attend our meetings

last updated: 12/05/11