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Library Catalogues & Information Requests.

The Library collections are extensive and it is not possible to produce full printed catalogues at an economic price, postage alone would be over £3.00 for each. Both catalogues are maintained on computer databases. It is possible to supply either catalogue on floppy disc, if appropriate discs and return postage are supplied, or as an e-mail attachment, provided details are given of the data base, spread sheet file format required.

Alternatively sheets listing books on certain subject headings can be supplied in return for an SAE. It is also possible to supply summary sheets for the Historic working timetable collection which indicate which years and sections are held for each region, pre 1948 railway or post 1991 system. in return for SAE + 10p stamp/region to cover printing costs.

Working Timetable Collection.

The Library hold a major collection of working timetables, traffic notices, appendices, rule books and other official documents together with a large collection of public timetables most of which are available on loan to members. For more details click here.

Library Archive Reprint Series.

A detailed list of reprints is available from the library.

Back Issues of Railway Observers

Complete years and singles copies of issues for years 1977 onwards are for sale from the Uxbridge Library, together with many earlier years bound and unbound annual volumes and many single issues.

The sale of photocopy reprints of early issues of the Railway News and its successor the Railway Observer are available for the years 1928 -1937 by post at £12 per year including postage is temporarily suspended.

RO Indexes

Stocks of indexes for all years, either photocopies or originals if available, are held at the Uxbridge Library price 25p each. E-mail your requirements to the Librarian for a quote including postage.  Please include your postal address.

Surplus Library Books and Magazine Sales.

The Uxbridge Library holds many surplus railway, canal, aircraft and shipping books, bound magazines including ROs and RCTS out of print publications, which are offered for sale on Library nights, via branch exhibition stands and by post or e-mail enquiry to the Librarian.  Include your postal address so that postage costs can be estimated.

Wants lists are welcomed and/or the complete list is also available from the Librarian.

Library E-mail List-server for Members.

This free service is used to keep the users up to date with additions to the Library's sales and loans stock, and generally provide the "subscribers" with related information and the opportunity to raise queries.

For instructions on how to join the list CLICK HERE

Last updated: September 2007