Society Library Branch

Library Update

Terry Silcock has handed over responsibility for the library services of the Society to member Peter King who lives in the Uxbridge area. Peter is acting as 'caretaker' for the collection and the present accommodation while the Library Sub-Committee, under the chairmanship of David Pick, continues to search for new more suitable premises. Terry will continue to act in a consulting capacity and he wishes to thank all those members, friends and family who have supported him for the last 45 years, and which has enabled him to have the pleasure of organising the library on a self-financing basis during that time.

The stock of the library is being maintained and safeguarded in the Hillingdon Road, premises until new accommodation can be found for it. Books, magazines and journals continue to be added to the collection and, for the time being, arrangements for acquiring these continue as before. Surplus books and magazines are no longer available for sale and this activity of the library is now ended. Any Branch or member holding Library sales items please forward the proceeds to Terry by 31st October. In the same way any Branch or member expecting reimbursements or payments should contact Terry by the same date in order that accounts may be cleared.

There is a considerable stock of back numbers of the Railway Observer and out of print Society publications and these are now the responsibility of the Publications Sales and are available for purchase to complete your collection.

Any enquiries concerning the Library should now be directed (preferably by email) to David Pick


last updated: 18/09/13