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The Association of Train Operating Companies

Guidelines for Railway Photographers

The Association of Train Operating Companies has issued the above titled document. The Society fully supports this action to clarify the position of our members at stations.

The text of the document can be see HERE

Recently, after pressure from The Railway Magazine, the British Transport Police have published the text on their intranet website. Members are urged to print out this document which is headed British Transport Police and keep it with them at all times they are on railway stations. BTP have undertaken to ensure that all their officers are aware of this document and its contents. Also they have undertaken, along with the TOCs, to try and ensure that members of private security organisations operating on railway stations are aware of the document.

Members are asked to ensure that if they are questioned by any person who refuses to accept the contents of the document they should ask the person to accompany them to the Station Managers Office.

The BTP website can be accessed from HERE