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Observations at Doncaster - 8th March 2016

Eight intrepid members made their way to Doncaster on 8th March to either stand or sit towards the southern end of platform 3. This was also likely be the last outside fixture for "The Vicar" (wearing the red jacket in the photo below) before he heads back south to another RCTS Branch.

   Well wrapped up for the weather, members of the RCTS party await the next movements at Doncaster   Alan Turton

In a biting wind the cavalcade of passenger workings were duly noted with the fading new Virgin ECML livery being a disappointment. A welcome contrast came in the form of a few sets which carried commemorative vinyl liveries.
   82205, carrying promotional vinyls for the Flying Scotsman (train), stops at Doncaster at the head an Edinburgh - Kings Cross service.   Richard Neale
   43238, carrying promotional vinyls for the National Railway Museum, stops at Doncaster at the rear of a York - Kings Cross service.   Peter Hughes

The visible number of freight workings has really declined with the loss of coal traffic. For those of us travelling in from the Sheffield direction we were just able to spy the new GBRf locomotives 66774-7 on the Roberts Road depot. A number of GBRf hauled services were noted during the day.

   66738 heads a Selby - Felixstowe intermodal through Doncaster as class 185s call on services between Manchester Airport & Cleethorpes   Alan Turton

   66730 heads the Middleton Towers - Monk Bretton sand train through Doncaster   Alan Turton
   66753 approaches Doncaster with a Rylstone - Small Heath limestone service.   Alan Turton

However, DB examples were also seen including a couple of "notable" examples.

   One of the few named DB class 66s, 66152 at Doncaster running light from Wakefield Europort to Belmont Yard.   Richard Neale
   66250, the last of the DB batch of class 66s, at Doncaster at the head of empty box wagons from a Heck to Dowlow   Peter Hughes

Perhaps the most interesting freight sighting was the appearance of 70017 on a Felixstowe - Leeds container service. This was the first time that a class 70 has been seen at Doncaster during our many Branch observations over the last few years. Unfortunately no-one was in a convenient position to obtain a decent photograph of it !!

There was also some compensation for the paucity of freight in the form of various on-track machines passing through.

   Rail Grinder DR79261/DR79271 at Doncaster en route from Gainsborough Trent Jnc to Doncaster DCE Yard   Peter Hughes
   DR75403/DR75402 at Doncaster en route from Huntingdon to Doncaster DCE Yard   Richard Neale

The most interesting "passenger" working was the appearance of 91113 which ran light engine from Bounds Green to Doncaster West Yard. Fortunately it stopped alongside the station , permitting the more agile members time to get across for a photo.

   A "blunt end" view of 91113 adjacent to Doncaster station. It had run light from Bounds Green depot and was destined for Doncaster West Yard.,   Alan Turton
   91113 stands adjacent to Doncaster station having run light from Bounds Green depot,   Peter Hughes

The new platform 0 works were duly noted before half of the group decided to leave early on the 14.42 departure for Stockport and Manchester noting especially the snowy-capped Pennine scenery as they went past Hope and Edale.

   The new platform 0 under construction at the north-east end of Doncaster station.   Richard Neale

The following list of sightings is presented in good faith based on observations by Alan Turton

10.39/10.4391114/822271D07 Kings Cross - Leeds
10.45/10.4782219/911261A22 Leeds - Kings Cross
10.5143480/434651A61 Ex Sunderland
10.54/10.5682225/911041E06 Ex Glasgow Central
11.02661760D01 10.47 Knottingley TMD - Belmont Yard
11.04/11.0691101/822141N81 Kings Cross - York
11.10/11.1291116/822201S10 Kings Cross - Edinburgh
11.14667276X73 10.52 Decoy - Toton
11.16/11.1982229/911211A25 Leeds - Kings Cross
11.17/11.1991117/822111D08 Kings Cross - Leeds
11.2043318/432511E07 Kings Cross - Edinburgh
11.2943309/433201S11 Kings Cross - Aberdeen
11.37/11.3943274/432721D09 Kings Cross - Leeds
11.46661050R17 12.10 Belmont Yard - Milford West
11.46/11.4882216/911201A26 Leeds - Kings Cross
11.53/11.5682231/911121Y27 Newcastle - Kings Cross
12.08/12.1091131/822151N12 Kings Cross - Newcastle
12.11/12.1491105/822011D10 Kings Cross - Leeds
12.15/12.1882227/911141A28 Leeds - Kings Cross
12.2443296/432991E09 Kings Cross - Edinburgh
12.28/12.3082214/911011Y84 Kings Cross - York
12.2991108/822091S13 Kings Cross - Edinburgh
12.30660020L08 12.30 Belmont Yard - Wakefield Europort
12.40/12.4243044/430661D11 Kings Cross - Leeds
12.43667384Z79 12.00 Selby - Felixstowe
12.50/12.5282211/911171A29 Leeds - Kings Cross
12.50700174E22 05.50 Felixstowe - Leeds
12.55661520D08 12.35 Wakefield Europort - Belmont Yard
12.55/12.5782205/911251E10 Edinburgh - Kings Cross
13.03/13.0591107/822171N83 Kings Cross - York
13.08/13.1191122/822281S15 Kings Cross - Edinburgh
13.12/13/1443306/432951D12 Kings Cross - Leeds
13.1266717Hexthorpe Yard - Doncaster TMD (Light engine)
13.16/13.1843272/432741A30 Leeds - Kings Cross
13.2343310/433141E11 Aberdeen - Kings Cross
13.3043208/433001S16 Kings Cross - Inverness
13.32660866N70 13.30 Decoy - Tyne Yard
13.37/13.4291132/822301D13 Kings Cross - Leeds
13.45/13.4682201/911051A31 Leeds - Kings Cross
13.56/13.5882223/911291Y32 Newcastle - Kings Cross
13.58DR75403/DR754026J33 10.00 Huntingdon - Doncaster DCE Yard
14.09662506M69 13.52 Heck - Dowlow
14.15/14.1691110/822061N17 Kings Cross - Newcastle
14.15/14.1743066/430441A33 Leeds - Kings Cross
14.18/14.1991128/822001D14 Kings Cross - Leeds
14.1943312/432061E13 Inverness - Kings Cross
14.2443465/434801N93 Kings Cross - Sunderland
14.24/14.2782217/911071Y86 York - Kings Cross
14.2943468/434841A65 Sunderland - Kings Cross
14.3091111/822181S18 Kings Cross - Edinburgh
14.32DR79261/DR792716U0114.01 Gainsborough Trent Jnc - Doncaster DCE Yard
14.37/14.4191104/82225 1D15 Kings Cross - Leeds
14.46/14.4843295/433061A34 Leeds - Kings Cross
14.55667306E84 08.20 Middleton Towers - Monk Bretton
14.55/14.5682213/911151E14 Edinburgh - Kings Cross
15.03/15.0543238/433071N85 Kings Cross - York
15.07/15.1191126/822191N19 Kings Cross - Newcastle
15.09667536M35 11.10 Rylstone - Small Heath
15.11/15.1491121/822291D16 Kings Cross - Leeds
15.15/15.1782230/911321A36 Leeds - Kings Cross
15.2243319/432771E15 Aberdeen - Kings Cross
15.24661476E51 12.18 Peak Forest - Selby
15.2943251/433181S20 Kings Cross - Aberdeen
15.40/15.4291109/822121D17 Kings Cross - Leeds
15.48/15.4982200/911281A37 Leeds - Kings Cross
15.56911130Z91 11.40 Bounds Green - Doncaster West Yard
15.54/15.5782215/911311Y38 Newcastle - Kings Cross
16.10660024L08 15.28 Wakefield Europort - London Gateway
16.11/16.1391112/822311N21 Kings Cross - Newcastle
16.17/16.1991104/822251A39 Leeds - Kings Cross
16.2082208/911191E17 Edinburgh - Kings Cross
16.24/16.5143307/432381Y88 York - Kings Cross
16.27/16.2991114/822271D18 Kings Cross - Leeds
16.3543299/432961S22 Kings Cross - Stirling

Also Seen;

Roberts Rd

Hexthorpe Yard

West Yard

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