Merseyside, Chester & North Wales Branch

Observations at Doncaster - 8th November 2016

A drop in temperature to a cold 6C meant this was a day for several layers of clothing. A number of the usual attendees were unavailable due to illness & work commitments. However the attendance was still an encouraging 8 Members including 2 from the Humberside Branch.

The sidings alongside the Wabtec site contained the usual Thunderbird (67015) but other slightly more unusual sights were 91104, presumably awaiting some attention, and (perhaps more topically) class ZZA snowploughs - which are converted from bogies of withdrawn class 40 locos.

   67015, its former Wrexham & Shropshire livery now replaced by DB red, stands along Doncaster station on Thunderbird duty.   Peter Hughes

   91104 stands alone alongside Doncaster Works. Its external condition suggests that it may just been shopped after receiving attention at the works.   Alan Turton
   ADB965577 and another sister snowplough stabled alongside Doncaster Works. These were constructed using bogies from withdrawn class 40 locos..   Peter Hughes

Since freight movements through the station are now much reduced we were determined not to miss freight & light engine movements using the Bridge Jnc - Hexthorpe Jnc curve south of the station. Several were missed when we last visited in July so on this occasion we were more attentive than ever before and as a result did not miss any. Freight levels were broadly similar to our earlier 2016 visits in March & July.

   66708 approaches Doncaster, on Decoy Yard - Hunterston coal hoppers (including some former Fastline examples) .   Alan Turton
   66752 passes Doncaster on sand hoppers from Middleton Towers to Monk Bretton. These4-wheeled wagons are soon to be replaced by new bogie vehicles.   Chris Dilley

Timekeeping was generally good. The most notable sighting on the passenger side was the use of a hired-in DB Cargo class 90 on services to & from Leeds. This eluded our group's cameras at Doncaster but one member (starting his journey home) travelled behind it to Leeds where he was able to capture a photo. 185104, which carries a modified (pink) cab livery to celebrate the Manchester Pride event, was noted on services to & from Cleethorpes.

   Hired-in 90029 on arrival at Leeds, having substituted for a class 91, on a service from Kings Cross   Peter Hughes
   185104 departs Doncaster on the 12:26 Cleethorpes - Manchester Airport. Its pink cab livery was applied to celebrate the Manchester Pride event.   Chris Dilley

   43208 leads a Kings Cross - York service into the platform at Doncaster   Alan Turton
   43274, carrying"Spirit of Sunderland" vinyls, powers through Doncaster at the head of an Edinburgh - Kings Cross service.   Chris Dilley

The following list of sightings is presented in good faith based on observations compiled by Alan Turton

10.40/10.4391130/822041D07 To Leeds
10.45/10.4782211/911251A22 Ex Leeds
10.5243480/434671A61 Ex Sunderland
10.56/10.5882222/911091E06 Ex Glasgow Central
11.02/11.0543208/433021N81 To York
11.10/11.1491124/822201S10 To Edinburgh
11.14/11.1691121/822181D08 To Leeds
11.16/11.1882203/911161A25 Ex Leeds
11.20667416M73 10.52 Decoy - Toton [Curve]
11.2443315/432061E07 Ex Edinburgh
11.2743239/433671S11 To Aberdeen
11.39/11.4291129/822291D09 To Leeds
11.46/11.4882223/911101A26 Ex Leeds
11.52661920J81 10.28 Belmont Yard - Masborough [Curve]
12.06/12.1091115/822001S12 To Edinburgh
12.06/12.0982214/911221E08 Ex Edinburgh
12.10/12.1491105/822091D10 To Leeds
12.16/12.1882204/911301A28 Ex Leeds
12.1843274/432771E09 To Edinburgh
12.22660110L08 12.30 Belmont Yard - Wakefield Europort
12.25/12.2743302/432081Y84 Ex York
12.3191107/822131S13 To Edinburgh
12.42/12.4543059/430471D11 To Leeds
12.48/12.5082218/911211A29 Ex Leeds
12.53/12.5582202/911011E10 Ex Edinburgh
12.55700024E22 05.50 Felixstowe - Leeds
12.59667124E86 11.15 Ratcliffe P.S - Decoy [Curve]
13.07/13.0991103/822161N83 To York
13.12/13.1491114/822171S15 To Edinburgh
13.15/13/1791118/822051D12 To Leeds
13.18/13.2282229/911291A30 Ex Leeds
13.2043251/433181E11 Ex Aberdeen
13.3243295/433091S16 To Inverness
13.39/13.4243257/432381D13 To Leeds
13.43660400D08 12.35 Wakefield Europort- Belmont Yard
13.44660156N70 13.34 Decoy - Tyne Yard
13.44666060C79 13.42 Decoy - Immingham B.T
13.49/13.5082209/911051A31 Ex Leeds
13.52667084S15 12.27 Decoy - Hunterston
13.56/13.5882219/911081Y32 Ex Newcastle
13.59667126G65 13.53 Hexthorpe Yard - Gascoigne Wood
14.00/14.2043296/432903G24 13.21 York - Kings Cross ECS
14.00667544Z81 11.45 Masborough - Felixstowe [Curve]
14.08/14.1043300/433161N17 To Newcastle
14.12/14.1591126/822081D14 To Leeds
14.16/14.1943047/430591A33 Ex Leeds
14.1843320/433051E13 Ex Inverness
14.24/14.2682216/911031Y86 Ex York
14.2943423/434841A65 Ex Sunderland
14.3191102/822121S18 To Edinburgh
14.3743467/434801N93 To Sunderland
14.44661826Z69 13.50 Heck - Dowlow
14.46/14.4882205/911181A34 Ex Leeds
14.47/14.4890029/82210 1D15 To Leeds
14.50661556E51 12.17 Peak Forest - Selby
14.54661056T30 14.04 York Yard North - Belmont Yard
14.54667526E84 08.20 Middleton Towers - Monk Bretton
14.56/14.5982225/911111E14 Ex Edinburgh
15.02/15.0543272/433181N85 To Newcastle
15.07/15.1191109/822221S19 To Edinburgh
15.12/15.1491125/822111D16 To Leeds
15.15/15.1743238/432571A36 Ex Leeds
15.18661354E26 08.13 Dollands Moor - Scunthorpe
15.2843206/433151S20 To Aberdeen

last updated: 30/11/16