Merseyside, Chester & North Wales Branch

Observations at Doncaster - 12th July 2016

A warm cloudy day was enjoyed by 10 Members including our good friend, Gordon Stubbins, from the Humberside Branch.

Freight traffic was similar to our March 2016 visit but infuriatingly there appeared to be more freight and light engine movements on the Curve (Bridge Junction to Hexthorpe Junction ) route which we succeeded in missing! It is a question of looking towards the south at the right time and unfortunately we didn't!

   66148 passes Doncaster with the Peak Forest - Selby (Potter Group) stone train formed of redundant coal hoppers   Chris Dilley
   66719 (Metroland) heads the Middleton Towers - Monk Bretton sand train through the centre road at Doncaster   Chris Dilley

   70015 heads a Felixstowe North - Leeds (Stourton) container train through the centre road at Doncaster   Chris Dilley
   90037 & 90039 head through Doncaster on a light engine move from Decoy Yard to Tyne Yard.   Chris Dilley

A first for the Branch at our visits to Doncaster was the appearance of Class 68s. Two (consecutively-numbered) examples appeared during the day although only one member stayed long enough to see the movement from Norwich Crown Point.

   68018 is close to journey's end as it heads a load of track panels from York Thrall Works to Decoy Yard through Doncaster.   Chris Dilley

Unsurprisingly, passenger traffic showed little variation from our previous visits although this will soon start to change with the introduction of the new "Azuma" units on VTEC services.

   91111 (For the Fallen), retaining its special livery, heads the 1030 Kings Cross - Edinburgh into Doncaster   Chris Dilley
   43300 (Craigentinny 100), retaining its special livery, heads the 0830 Edinburgh - Kings Cross through Doncaster   Chris Dilley

DMUs are often overlooked but one notable example appeared - 144012 which is the prototype of class 144e Evolution. It has been modified by Porterbrook to show how Pacers can be altered to conform with future accessibility standards that will otherwise "outlaw" them (and other DMU classes) from 2020.

   144012, the prototype class 144e Evolution, departs Doncaster on the 1416 Adwick - Sheffield.   Chris Dilley

   153381 waits to depart Doncaster on the 1427 East Midlands service to Lincoln via the GN&GE Joint line   Chris Dilley
   A busy scene at Doncaster as 142092 departs on a Scunthorpe - Lincoln service passing 82214 at the rear of a service to York   Chris Dilley

The following list of sightings is provided in good faith based on observations by Alan Turton.

09.4491101/822021D04 To Leeds Terminated @ Doncaster [32mins Late]
09.48/09.5091129/822121D05 To Leeds
09.49/09.5182206/911061A19 Ex Leeds
09.55/09.5782210/911301E04 Ex Edinburgh
10.0366569/664184L87 08.47 Leeds - Felixstowe
10.05661526X01 09.20 Scunthorpe - Eastleigh
10.10/10.1291124/822081N08 To Newcastle
10.14/10.1591121/822051D06 To Leeds
10.21/10.2382202/911011A20 To Kings Cross Starting @ Doncaster [Vice Leeds]
10.2243302/432951E05 Ex Edinburgh
10.27/10.2882230/911221Y82 To York
10.30660774L45 09.36 Wakefield Europort- Felixstowe
10.3391113/822221S09 To Edinburgh
10.38/10.4391119/822071D07 To Leeds
10.47/10.5182228/911041A22 Ex Leeds
10.5343465/434681A61 Ex Sunderland
10.58/11.0082225/911271E06 Ex Glasgow Central
11.04/11.0643312/433071N81 To York
11.10/11.1291110/822031S10 To Edinburgh
11.10DR754026J32 10.25 Worksop - Scunthorpe Frodingham
11.12/11.1491117/822261D08 To Leeds
11.16/11.1882212/911291A25 Ex Leeds
11.2143300/432381E07 To Edinburgh
11.2843308/433131S11 To Aberdeen
11.30667076M73 10.52 Decoy - Toton [Via Curve]
11.32667404N80 11.28 Decoy - Tyne Dock
11.33660610D01 10.55 Wakefield Europort - Belmont Yard
11.37/11.4243257/433151D09 To Leeds
11.46/11.4882205/911211A26 Ex Leeds
12.01/12.0282227/911321E08 Ex Edinburgh
12.07/12.1391111/822161S12 To Edinburgh
12.13/12.1491126/822111D10 To Leeds
12.17/12.2082207/911191A28 Ex Leeds
12.2743319/432961E09 To Edinburgh
12.2891118/822091S13 To Edinburgh
12.33/12.3543307/433121Y84 Ex York
12.42/12.4443061/430821D11 To Leeds
12.47/12.5082226/911171A29 Ex Leeds
12.52680186X51 09.53 York Works - Decoy
12.55/12.5782204/911031E10 Ex Edinburgh
13.02/13.0591105/822141N83 To York
13.07/13.1591131/82201`1S15 To Edinburgh
13.11/13/1591107/822311D12 To Leeds
13.22/13.2543315/432571A30 Ex Leeds
13.24680180Z51 12.27 Decoy - York Parcels Siding
13.3343320/433141S16 To Inverness
13.3490037/900390N70 13.30 Decoy - Tyne Yard
13.37/13.4143317/433161D13 To Leeds
13.46/13.4982211/911261A31 Ex Leeds
13.46700154E22 05.50 Felixstowe - Leeds
13.54/13.5682206/911241Y32 Ex Newcastle
14.0343311/433181E11 Ex Aberdeen [45mins Late]
14.08/14.1191130/822101N17 To Newcastle
14.11/14.1591106/822061D14 To Leeds
14.14660516Z69 13.50 Heck - Dowlow
14.17/14.1943082/430611A33 Ex Leeds
14.2243206/432991E13 Ex Inverness
14.2643465/434681N93 To Sunderland
14.26/14.2882214/911051Y86 Ex York
14.2943484/434231A65 Ex Sunderland
14.3191122/822301S18 To Edinburgh
14.37/14.4291104/82228 1D15 To Leeds
14.45667196E84 08.20 Middleton Towers - Monk Bretton
14.52/14.5482231/911071A34 Ex Leeds
14.54/14.5682229/911281E14 Ex Edinburgh
15.14661486E51 12.17 Peak Forest - Selby
15.15/15.1743316/433171A36 Ex Leeds
15.20/15.2291129/822121S19 To Edinburgh
15.24/15.2643295/433021D16 To Leeds [12mins Late]
15.2843305/432511E15 Ex Aberdeen
15.29/15.3191101/822021N85 To Newcastle [27mins Late]
15.3943238/433001S20 To Aberdeen [7mins Late]
15.40/15.4291121/822051D17 To Leeds
15.45/15.4782206/911061A37 Ex Leeds
15.55680195Z70 Norwich Crown Point - Doncaster West Yard [+ Coach 10200]
16.05/16.0782217/911201E16 Ex Edinburgh
16.11661024L08 15.28 Wakefield Europort - London Gateway
16.12/16.1491102/822251N21 To Newcastle
16.16/16.1891127/822001D18 To Leeds
16.19/16.2182228/911041A39 Ex Leeds

Also Seen

Roberts Rd

Hexthorpe Yard

West Yard


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