Merseyside, Chester & North Wales Branch

Day Trip to Edinburgh - 12th April 2016

The previous day's weather forecast for the Edinburgh area had been awful and so it turned out with persistent rain all day & a maximum temperature of 7C which actually felt rather colder ! That apart, the 9 Members who attended had a superb day.

7 Members travelled north on 390016 Virgin Champion [1S36 06.15 New St - Edinburgh]. Two Members had been due to join the service at Wigan but their train 319361 [2F54 06.33 Lime St - Wigan North Western], was failed at St Helens Central due to 'defective doors'. They travelled on 319383 [1N80 06.57 Lime St - Preston] which was 17 minutes late & consequently missed their connection & had to travel North on 350407 [1S38 07.25 Man Airport - Edinburgh]

The main purpose of the trip was to travel over the reopened Borders Line. This travels through beautiful countryside and as there is no tree growth on the embankments the views are uninterrupted. During the morning peak, four northbound services are extended to Glenrothes with Thornton and four southbound services start from Glenrothes with Thornton in the evening peak. All services on the Branch during the time we were in the area were operated by Class 158s; units 158709/10/15/19/28/30/86/871 were noted. The only exception was 170417 on 2T54 16.51 Glenrothes - Tweedbank.

158710 conveyed the party from Waverley to Tweedbank where weather conditions were appalling. Despite this, a couple of intrepid members ventured on to the platform to capture the scene before the party returned to Waverley almost immediately in the same unit.

   158710 waits at Edinburgh Waverley with the 11:25 to Tweedbank (in which the party travelled).   Alan Turton
   158710 at Tweedbank after arrival on the 11:25 ex Waverley.   John Cashen
   The view at the other end of the platform at Tweedbank : not the most attractive proposition especially in bad weather.   Gareth Thomas

Upon arrival at Waverley the party split with some sampling the new tram system while others focussed on the railscene including a trip to Dalmeny to view the Forth Bridge, stopping off at Haymarket on the return to sample the rush-hour traffic.

   90048 stabled at Waverley in between use on the Caledonian Sleeper services to & from Euston.   Gareth Thomas
   350403 at Edinburgh Waverley on a Trans-Pennine service to Manchester Airport   Peter Hughes

   67016 stands in one of the east end bays at Edinburgh Waverley on "Thunderbird" duty   Peter Hughes
   Edinburgh Tram 264 stands at Edinburgh Airport prior to forming a service to York Place   Gareth Thomas

   158709 comes off the Forth Bridge and enters Dalmeny on the 14:52 Glenrothes - Edinburgh   Alan Turton
   43302/206 at Dalmeny on the late-running 10:00 Kings Cross - Aberdeen   Alan Turton

   380116 enters Haymarket on the 14:50 Ayr - North Berwick (via Glasgow Central & Carstairs)   Alan Turton
   A busy scene at Haymarket with 158715 on a service to Tweedbank and 68003 on the 17:08 Edinburgh - Glenrothes   Alan Turton

All met up again in time for the journey home where an on-time arrival at Warrington Bank Quay provided a fitting conclusion to an excellent day. meeting up later for the return journey home aboard the 'special liveried' 221106 William Barents [9M62 18.52 Edinburgh - New St]. An on-time arrival at Warrington Bank Quay concluded an excellent day.

The following list of sightings is provided in good faith based on observations by Alan Turton.

Warrington Bank Quay 175003 [79703/50705] 390112 175113 150110 156421 390016

Wigan North Western 319361

Lancaster 350409

Oxenholme 185137

Carlisle 90037/90035 [4M25 06.06 Mossend - Daventry]

DRS Kingmoor 37401/25 57302 66304/424 68023

Kingmoor Yd 66044 66429

Craigentinny C.S. 08472/596 73966/69

Waverley 43206/43302 43208/43312 43296/43319 43299/43367 43313/43317
68003 + 6183/5976/5987/5965/9539/5952 [2G13 17.08 Edinburgh - Glenrothes With Thornton]
68017 + 6176/6027/9488/5955/6177/5945 [2L69 17.20 Edinburgh - Cardenden]
91114/82223 91117/82213
156430/32/34/35/508/10/13 [all in SR livery]
[all in FS livery except for 158713/82/86/89/867/68/70/71 which were in SR livery].
[all in SR livery except for 170405/10/11/13/17/20 which were in FS livery].

Kingmoor Yard 66952

DRS Kingmoor 37603 68020/21

Carlisle 31233/9714 153331/156448

Preston 350402 390126

last updated: 02/05/16