Merseyside, Chester & North Wales Branch

Observations at Leamington Spa 13th September 2016

A double figure attendance was once again attained with Members from 3 Branches represented. One of the party stayed overnight in the Town and was on site from 07.30 so the observation list covers a longer time span than normal on our observations here. It turned out to be a very hot day with a recorded temperature of 29C, which was something of a contrast to our previous visit.

It was good to see our ex Branch Chairman Richard Neale for the first time since his transfer to Cheltenham and a toast was raised to Branch Committee Member Geoff Morris and his (now) wife Sue who were married in Llanelli at 15:00 during the day.

Nothing out of the ordinary occurred although one of the former Trans-Pennine class 170s now allocated (and renumbered) to Chiltern was noted in service and the 4 class 68s were noted in passenger use including one (68008) that does not carry Chiltern livery and branding.

The usual steady flow of freight traffic contributed class 66s & 70s from various freight companies to provide relief from the procession of Voyagers and Chiltern DMUs. The good weather encouraged a fair number of the party to supply photos and so thanks go to John Cashen, Chris Dilley, Peter Hughes, Richard Neale, Roger Thomas & Alan Turton for their contributions.

   168324, one of Chiltern's recent acquisition,s is about to depart Leamington on the 14:55 Moor St - Marylebone as 168112 arrives on the 14:10 Marylebone - Moor St   John Cashen
   68014 departs Leamington on the 10:55 Moor St - Marylebone while 165014 stands in the bay on a connecting service from Stratford-upon-Avon   Alan Turton

   68008 (Avenger) is about to depart Leamington propelling the 12:55 Moor St - Marylebone   Richard Neale
   68008 (Avenger) pauses at Leamington on the 10:10 Marylebone - Moor St   Chris Dilley

   221125 is about to depart Leamington on the 07:00 Edinburgh - Reading.   Richard Neale
   165014 arrives in the Up bay at Leamington on the 10:37 from Stratford-upon-Avon   Peter Hughes

   An early arrival allowed this early morning view of 66135 heading a Birch Coppice - Southampton intermodal through Leamington.   Roger Thomas
   Another early morning freight, 66543 heads a Hams Hall - Southampton container service through Leamington.   Roger Thomas

   70801 heads a Westbury - Bescot departmental service through Leamington   Peter Hughes
   70016 heads a Leeds - Southampton container service through Leamington   Chris Dilley

   66761 heads the Westbury - Stud Farm stone empties through Leamington   Alan Turton
   66532 comes off the Kenilworth line and enters Leamington station on Basford Hall - Southampton containers   Alan Turton

The following list of sightings is presented in good faith based on observations compiled by Alan Turton, with input from Roger Thomas and John Cashen on the start and end of the day respectively

07.22/07.2468012/823011H1506.09 Kidderminster - Marylebone
07.52/07.5382303/680111H1706.38 Stourbridge Jnc - Marylebone
08.22/08.2382302/680081H2207.05 Kidderminster - Marylebone
08.27661354O4306.43 Birch Coppice - Southampton
08.47665434O1507.43 Hams Hall - Southampton
08.54700024O1405.36 Garston - Southampton
10.06/10.0768014/823041R1508.41 Marylebone - Moor St
10.54700164O9006.12 Leeds - Southampton
11.26/11.2882304/680141H3310.55 Moor St - Marylebone
11.30/11.3168008/823021R2110.10 Marylebone - Moor St
11.41665324O4909.22 Basford Hall - Southampton
11.56 665404M5508.55 Southampton - Lawley St
12.51661714O2109.15 Trafford Park - Southampton
13.06665584M2809.30 Southampton - Garston
13.24/13.2582302/680081H4512.55 Moor St - Marylebone
13.36660784E6909.32 Southampton - Wakefield Europort
13.44708016M5007.55 Westbury - Bescot
14.26/14.2868014/823041R3313.10 Marylebone - Moor St
14.38660776M4810.34 Southampton Eastern Docks - Halewood
15.06667616M4011.56 Westbury - Stud Farm
15.10660546O4211.31 Halewood - Southampton Eastern Docks
15.42/15.49661026X0110.17 Scunthorpe Trent - Eastleigh East Yard
15.58664204M6112.54 Southampton MT - Trafford Park FLT

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