Merseyside, Chester & North Wales Branch

Observations at Newport - 10th May 2016

Double figures were attained with 12 Members congregating initially at Newport Station. In Football parlance it can be said that Teams go on "good runs" or "bad runs" and from a weather point of view the Branch is most definitely on what can be best described as a "bad run" with a day of overcast conditions & heavy drizzle. Fortunately the weather never detracts from the enjoyment we derive from these monthly trips.

As usual, many of the party travelled to or from the fixture using the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) sponsored loco+coaches formation that operates a weekdays only round trip between Holyhead & Cardiff. Arriva-liveried class 67s are not necessarily the "norm" on this service any more so the appearance of EWS-liveried 67022 on the service was not particularly noteworthy.

   DVT 82306 heads the Holyhead - Cardiff "WAG" service into Hereford.   Peter Hughes
   67022 arrives at Newport with the Cardiff - Holyhead "WAG" service that conveyed most of the party back to the North   Chris Brown

Freight traffic appeared slightly reduced as compared to our last visit to Newport in May 2015. Changes from last year were apparent with the most notable being Freightliner having taken over coal workings in the area (from early April 2016).

   66512 heads through Newport with empty coal hoppers from Stoke Gifford to Onllwyn   Alan Turton
   66509 heads empty coal hoppers from Barry Docks to Alexandra Dock Junction through Cardiff Central   Chris Dilley

Services between Robeston oil refinery and Westerleigh remain in the hands of the 60s but class 66s operate many of the services between Roberston and Bedworth or Theale. Surprisingly the class 60 that worked the loaded service to Westerleigh was replaced by a sister loco for the return empties.

   66019 heads the Theale - Robeston empty oil tankers through Newport   Chris Brown

   Soon after the party arrived at Newport 60091 passed with the Robeston -Westerleigh oil tankers   Roger Thomas
   60039 heads the Westerleigh - Robeston empty oil tankers through Newport   Chris Dilley

On the day it was decided a trip to Cardiff would be a good idea & we made sure we travelled by HST each way. The appearance of Cardiff Central is changing radically with the new platform 8 nearing completion plus a greatly-enhanced station entrance already constructed on the south side.

   The new platform 8, which will provide additional capacity for Valley Lines services, is taking shape at Cardiff Central   Roger Thomas
   The new south side passenger facilities at Cardiff Central   Roger Thomas

Several of the special HST liveries were seen with 43187/43188 appearing in GWR green.

   43188 carries the new GWR green livery as it heads a Paddington - Swansea service at Cardiff Central   Peter Hughes

   43126, carrying an advertising livery for Bristol, heads a service from Paddington at Cardiff Central   Peter Hughes
   43144 carries an other advertising livery as it brings up the rear of a service from Paddington at Cardiff Central   John Cashen

150247 was also seen in GWR green while other DMU classes provided members that also carried advertising liveries.

   150247, now in GWR green livery, arrives at at Cardiff Central with 153373 to form a service to Taunton   Chris Dilley

   158798, carrying an advert for a North Somerset children's charity, on arrival at Cardiff on a service from Portsmouth Harbour   Peter Hughes
   153333, carrying an advert for South Devon, at Cardiff Central on a service to Taunton   John Cashen

The following list of sightings is presented in good faith based on observations collated by Alan Turton

09.41 600916B13 05.00 Robeston - Westerleigh
09.48/09.51 670221V91 05.33 Holyhead - Cardiff12176/12179/12181/10259/82306
09.47/09.4943092/431931L42 07.30 Carmarthen - PaddingtonThe Red Dragon
10.03 665884O70 09.58 Wentloog - Southampton
10.06/10.0843033/431611B12 08.15 Paddington - Cardiff
10.09/10.1143186/431741L46 09.55 Cardiff - Paddington
10.29/10.3143146/431631B15 08.45 Paddington - Swansea
10.48/10.5043128/431941L48 09.28 Swansea - Paddington
10.55 665094C95 10.29 Stoke Gifford - Cwmbargoed
11.06/11.0943143/431961B17 09.15 Paddington - Cardiff
11.06/11.1143161/430331L51 10.55 Cardiff - Paddington
11.19 661216H25 09.22 Margam - Llanwern
11.30/11.3243018/430171B20 09.45 Paddington - Swansea
11.38 664274V38 08.20 Daventry - Wentloog
11.38 660250B43 11.34 Alexandra Dock Jnc - Llanwern
11.39/11.4343030/431711L52 10.28 Swansea - Paddington
12.03/12.0643150/430291B22 10.15 Paddington - Cardiff
12.11/12.1343196/431431L54 11.55 Cardiff - Paddington
12.31/12.3343197/431441B25 10.45 Paddington - Swansea
12.38/12.4143010/431791L55 11.28 Swansea - PaddingtonThe St David
Cardiff Central
12.5543029/431501L60 12.55 Cardiff - Paddington
13.20/13.2843188/431871B27 11.15 Paddington - Cardiff
13.23/13.2643163/431461L62 12.28 Swansea - Paddington
13.45/13.4943153/430041B28 11.45 Paddington - Swansea
13.52 660756V75 09.30 Dee Marsh - Margam
14.08/14.1143188/431871L65 13.55 Cardiff - Paddington
14.20/14.32 665124O11 13.50 Stoke Gifford - Onllwyn
14.29/14.3243126/431251B35 12.45 Paddington - Swansea
14.29 660870W56 13.27 Margam - Westbury
14.42/14.4343017/430181L66 13.28 Swansea - Paddington
14.44 660056V05 09.16 Round Oak - Margam
14.53 662380H27 13.43 Margam - Llanwern
15.02/15.0643174/431861B37 13.15 Paddington - Cardiff
15.10/15.1343092/431931L68 14.55 Cardiff - Paddington
15.31 665606F90 14.25 Avonmouth - Uskmouth P.S Running Round
15.31/15.3343169/431421B40 13.45 Paddington - Swansea
15.38/15.3943144/431971L71 14.28 Swansea - Paddington
15.40 662506H36 14.44 East Usk - Margam
16.08/16.1043171/430301B42 14.15 Paddington - Cardiff
16.09/16.1143186/431741L74 15.55 Cardiff - Paddington
16.30/16.3343143/431961B46 14.45 Paddington - Swansea
16.37/16.4043004/431531L76 15.28 Swansea - Paddington
16.48 661216H26 16.28 Llanwern - Margam
16.53 660196B33 13.00 Theale - Robeston
17.04/17.0643134/430861B48 15.15 Paddington - Cardiff
17.07/17.0943030/431711L82 16.55 Cardiff - Paddington
17.16 600396B41 15.10 Westerleigh - Margam
17.27 660946V92 10.22 Corby - Margam
17.29/17.31 670221W96 17.16 Cardiff - Holyhead

Also seen

Alexandra Dock Jnc Yard



Only units not already seen at Newport are recorded under Cardiff.

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