Merseyside, Chester & North Wales Branch

Nottingham and Toton - 9th August 2016

The recent extensions to the Nottingham Tram system suggested Nottingham as a potential new venue for an outdoor observation as it allowed members either to ride the extended system or to make use of it to view Toton Yard & Depot (official visits to the latter being virtually impossible). 9 Members met at Crewe Station in time to join 153313 working 1K07 09.07 to Derby which arrived on time and connected into 170112 forming 1M92 07.45 Cardiff - Nottingham. At Nottingham the party split up with 4 Members choosing to ride Trams while the remaining party chose the Toton option.

   DC Rail's 56312 stabled between duties adjacent to Derby station   Peter Hughes
   Most of the RCTS party look on as tram 226 stands at Nottingham station on a service to Phoenix Park   Chris Dilley

The Toton party travelled on Tram 216 Dame Laura Knight from the Nottingham station tram stop to the new Toton Lane terminus which primarily serves a Park & Ride site. However from the rail enthusiast's point of view, it is a relatively short walk from there, via part of the Erewash Valley Trail, to the hill overlooking Toton Yard & Depot.

   Interior view of the tram conveying the RCTS party toToton Lane   Peter Hughes
   The view from the driver's cab of a tram waiting to depart Toton Lane.   Peter Hughes

The hill affords a superb view of the complex & with binoculars it is possible to view most of the locos on and around TO depot. Additionally the sidings around the depot (and on the opposite side of the main running lines) are host to a large number of stored Class 60s. This was particularly useful to those members whose interest in railways had only been rekindled in recent years and consequently had never seen the majority of this class.

   General view showing the line of class 60s stored in the Up Yard at Toton with more examples (including some operational) visible in the depot yard in the distance   Peter Hughes
   60032 stored at Toton shows no sign of EWS (nor DB) ownership as still carries its pre-privatisation logo   Chris Dilley

Other highlights of the time here were the appearance of the last class 66 , 66779 Evening Star plus another of the GBRf class 66s (66709) which carries a non-standard "special" livery.

   66779 (Evening Star) is parked adjacent to Toton depot.   Chris Dilley
   Class 66s in at least 4 different liveries can be seen in this view at Toton (note the Colas example in the background)   Chris Dilley

The Toton party returned from Toton Lane aboard Tram 225 Doug Scott and after a short interlude at Nottingham returned to Derby on 170103 forming 1G46 15.41 to New St. Here they met the other members & the group then travelled back to Crewe on 153313 [again] forming 1K21 the 16.42 departure.

   43075 waits at Nottingham at the rear of the 15:32 to St Pancras   Chris Dilley
   222012 waits at Nottingham forming the 15:09 to St Pancras   Chris Dilley

All were agreed that it had been a different day & one worth repeating in 2017

The following list of sightings is provided in good faith based on observations provided by Alan Turton

66734 [Cab Only]

Stoke On Trent
153381 1K05 08.42 Derby - Crewe

56312 Stabled
222021 1F15 08.56 St Pancras - Sheffield
170638 1V07 10.10 Nottingham - Cardiff
43384/43303 1V50 06.06 Edinburgh - Plymouth
170112 1M92 07.45 Cardiff - Nottingham
221120 1S39 06.25 Plymouth - Glasgow Central

Derby Etches Park

Derby RTC

Sheet Stores Jn
170102 1G22 10.41 Nottingham - New St

Beeston Engineers Yard

43081/43089 1B38 11.38 Nottingham - St Pancras
158792 1Y24 11.17 Nottingham - Leeds
170637 1V08 11.10 Nottingham - Cardiff Cent

Toton Yard
12.20 66118
13.10 66709/66745
13.43 66009/66030
13.45 66416

TO Depot

222012 1B56 15.09 Nottingham - St Pancras
43049/43075 1B58 15.32 Nottingham - St Pancras
158853 1Y40 15.17 Nottingham - Leeds
170112 1V12 15.10 Nottingham - Cardiff
156470 2A46 14.39 Newark Castle- Matlock
156415 2W18 15.26 Nottingham - Worksop
158785 1R90 12.57 Norwich - Liverpool
170103 1G46 15.41 Nottingham - New St
158806 2Ll73 14.26 Leicester - Lincoln Central 158857/158866 1L11 12.52 Liverpool - Norwich
66018 12.50 Humber Refinery - Kingsbury
156411 2D16 14.38 Worksop - Nottingham

220013 1E48 14.13 Oxford - Newcastle
222009 1C62 15.49 Sheffield - St Pancras
221130 1V62 11.00 Glasgow Central - Penzance
153313 1K21 16.42 Derby - Crewe
222102 1P69 16.36 Derby - St Pancras
222006 1F45 14.58 St Pancras - Sheffield 43207/43366 1S51 12.25 Plymouth - Glasgow Central

Stoke On Trent
156401 1K22 17.07 Crewe - Derby

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