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Observations at Nuneaton 11th October 2016

The weather was generally cloudy however it was not cold & the sun did appear in the afternoon. Inevitably much banter ensued with discussions about football [inevitably], the American elections, Brexit & the respective merits of 1970's bands Slade & The Sweet! Indeed one Member acquired the name of one of The Sweet's hits from 1972.

Although on this occasion double figures were not attained, the 9 Members who attended were delighted with an above average number of loco movements & freights. A total of 33 different locomotives was indeed a good return.

Some unusual workings arose in the form of 66767 working 2 (cripple?) oil tankers from Bedworth oil terminal to Doncaster and the seasonal appearance of the RHTT, operated by DB Cargo class 66s

   66767 heads 2 oil tankers from Bedworth through Nuneaton en route to Doncaster   Peter Hughes
   It's autumn at Nuneaton and so 66138 and 66187 are on seasonal duties with the RHTT from Bescot to Euston.   Chris Dilley

   66110 heads the (very long) Halewood - Southampton Eastern Docks car train through Nuneaton   Alan Turton
   Land Rovers, made on Merseyside, form much of the load - en route for export( to China?)   Richard Neale

As usual, container services formed the bulk of the freight traffic observed during the day with all of the major freight companies represented.

   66143 is about to take the Coventry line at Nuneaton on a Trafford Park - Southampton intermodal.   Alan Turton
   90018/28 power through Nuneaton on the Up fast line with a Mossend - Daventry container service   Chris Dilley

   66702 at Nuneaton on a Felixstowe - Hams Hall container service.   Chris Dilley
   66591 at Nuneaton on a Felixstowe - Lawley Street container service.   Alan Turton

   70804 at Nuneaton with a very lightly- loaded Westbury - Bescot departmental   Peter Hughes
   153375 at Nuneaton on the shuttle service to Coventry (vai Bedworth)   Richard Neale

The following list of sightings is presented in good faith based on observations compiled by Alan Turton

09.55661996M1301.06 Dollands Moor - Ditton
10.10667670Z8807.30 Tuebrook Sdgs - Bedworth
10.22DR98909/989593S0304.19 Kings Norton - Kings Norton
10.48665664O4909.22 Basford Hall - Southampton
10.49665504L9310.08 Lawley St - Felixstowe
11.39700034M3404.32 Coatbridge - Daventry
11.50661434O2109.15 Trafford Park - Southampton
12.1766138/66187 [T/T]3J0110.50 Bescot T.M.D - Euston
12.37661766V9210.22 Corby - Margam
12.41700044S4412.13 Daventry - Coatbridge
12.51667166G1611.23 Stud Farm - Bescot V.Q
13.09667606M2608.50 Eastleigh V.Q - Mountsorrel
13.29665714M8108.01 Felixstowe - Crewe
13.39900164L9012.30 Basford Hall - Felixstowe
13.43665914M9407.39 Felixstowe - Lawley St
13.5590018/900284M2506.07 Mossend - Daventry
13.56680090Z6810.48 Willesden Brent - Gresty Bridge
13.57660846B3012.55 Mountsorrel - Northampton
14.08666226Z7709.19 Willesden - Stud Farm
14.16661106O4211.31 Halewood - Southampton Eastern Docks
14.34661446M3111.42 Banbury - Mountsorrel
14.40708046M5007.55 Westbury V.Q - Bescot V.Q
14.41665564M6309.12 Felixstowe - Ditton
14.4190040/90037/66133/661400A0613.35 Crewe T.M.D - Wembley
15.04667584L2214.35 Hams Hall - Felixstowe
15.20667676Z8813.56 Bedworth - Doncaster
15.28660704L0711.38 Burton-on-Trent - Felixstowe
15.46660846B3012.55 Mountsorrel - Northampton
15.46667024M2310.46 Felixstowe - Hams Hall
15.58660804L5613.17 Trafford Park - London Gateway
16.00708010Z7012.48 Hinksey Yard - Rugby

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