Meeting Reports

Thursday 13th December 2018
'150 Years of Aberdeen Joint Station'
Keith Jones

Our December meeting saw Keith Jones, from Aberdeen, present “150 years of Aberdeen Joint Station” to a large audience.
The development of railways in/to Aberdeen was outlined, the original Station opening in 1850. Increasing demands on infrastructure and accommodation resulted in development of Craiginches sidings and Ferryhill depot in the early 1900s, the Joint Station, after discussion between the operating partners, being reconstructed from 1912 for about 3 years; during this time trains continued to operate.
Images illustrating services and events in the 1920s & 1930s were shown, including the LMS Turbomotive, a Silver LNER A4 and other locomotives attending an exhibition at the Joint Station in 1936.
The many changes to services and infrastructure in the station and Aberdeen area were covered, including the loss of the original south end signal gantry, the vintage arrival/departure board and Menzies bookstall were lamented.
DELTIC 9016 was named “GORDON HIGHLANDER”, with GNSR 4-4-0 “GORDON HIGHLANDER” in attendance, during 1964.
The 1992 125th and 2017 150thAnniversaries featured, the latter in the naming of one of the ‘New’ Scotrail HSTs as “Aberdeen Station - 150th Anniversary”.
Images of the double tracking to Dyce ended the evening.

An excellent meeting, full of interest.

Wednesday 14th November 2018
'Annual General Meeting of RCTS Scottish Branch'

The meeting was attended by over a dozen members. The business was transacted relatively quickly, the increased Branch membership due to the Free Membership offer being noted. The existing Committee were re-elected en bloc.
Following reports on the past year's activities, from the Chairman, Treasurer & Secretary, discussion turned to future meetings and events.

Upon conclusion of the formal business, members entertained those present with their digital and slide presentations, covering a variety of locations and themes. Messrs K Sanders, M Robinson, N Turnbull, S Malcolm, R Thorburn, J Harrold & K Falconer contributed.

Thursday 8th November 2018
'Ex-North British & Caledonian Railways in Granton and Leith'
Kenneth Williamson

Our November meeting heralded a record-breaking attendance of 71, hugely entertained by Kenneth Williamson with the presentation “Ex North British & Caledonian Railways in Granton & Leith”.
Summarising the railway history of Granton & Leith, the speaker indicated on the accompanying photographs, the uses the former railway buildings have been put to since closure of the lines in 1980.
Granton Harbour was opened by the Duke of Buccleuch in 1836 for the coal trade, the line extending in 1847 to Canal Street Station via Scotland Street tunnel, the latter now being a children’s play centre.
The City of Edinburgh & Northern Railway introduced the world’s first train ferry between Granton & Burntisland, “The Leviathan”, ceasing on the opening of the Forth Bridge in 1890.
The track linking the Caley & NB systems was owned by Duke of Buccleuch, providing income for his Lordship until the lines closed in 1980. The Caley’ Goods Station at Granton is still extant, used by a scrap dealer. Esparto grass for the paper mills and other commodities came into Granton Harbour.
The numerous businesses that existed, some supplying the railway with business, were highlighted.

An excellent evening of nostalgia, much appreciated by the large attendance.

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