Sheffield Branch

Autumn 1989

   47813 restarting from Cambridge after a crew change dragging 1D43 16:10 Kings Cross to Leeds on 8 October 1989.   MisterC

All trains shown were diverted between Hitchin and Peterborough via Cambridge, Ely and March. Unless shown otherwise they were dragged between Hitchin and Peterborough.

Saturday 7th October 1989

474631D4014:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 476311A2014:10 Leeds-Kings Cross
474131D4316:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 474631A2416:10 Leeds-Kings Cross
476311D4618:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 476311A3019:35 Leeds-Kings Cross

Sunday 8th October 1989

476311D3509:15 Kings Cross-Leeds 474131A1209:55 Leeds-Kings Cross
475351D3711:15 Kings Cross-Leeds 476311A1611:25 Leeds-Kings Cross
474631D3913:15 Kings Cross-Leeds 474631A2114:35 Leeds-Kings Cross
474131D4014:10 Kings Cross-Doncaster Note 1 475351A2316:05 Leeds-Kings Cross
476311D4115:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 474581A2516:55 Leeds-Kings Cross Note 2
478131D4316:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 474131A2717:50 Doncaster-Kings Cross Note 1
475351D4719:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 478131A3217:55 Leeds-Kings Cross
314581D4820:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 314001A3819:45 Leeds-Kings Cross
475351A3620:40 Leeds-Kings Cross

Saturday 14th October 1989

474821D4014:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 474661A2014:10 Leeds-Kings Cross
476031D4316:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 474821A2416:10 Leeds-Kings Cross
474661D4618:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 474661A3019:35 Leeds-Kings Cross

Sunday 15th October 1989

474661D3509:15 Kings Cross-Leeds 314271A1209:55 Leeds-Kings Cross
478121D3711:15 Kings Cross-Leeds 478121A1611:25 Leeds-Kings Cross
474821D3913:15 Kings Cross-Leeds 474661A2114:35 Leeds-Kings Cross
475371D4014:10 Kings Cross-Doncaster Note 3 476031A2316:05 Leeds-Kings Cross
478121D4115:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 474221A2516:55 Leeds-Kings Cross Note 2
314271D4316:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 475371A2717:50 Doncaster-Kings Cross Note 2
caped1D4719:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 314271A3217:55 Leeds-Kings Cross
311061D4820:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 478121A3819:45 Leeds-Kings Cross
472001A3620:40 Leeds-Kings Cross

Saturday 21st October 1989

475591D4014:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 475581A2014:10 Leeds-Kings Cross
314291D4316:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 475591A2416:10 Leeds-Kings Cross
475581D4618:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 475581A3019:35 Leeds-Kings Cross

Sunday 22nd October 1989

478301D3509:15 Kings Cross-Leeds 478301A1209:55 Leeds-Kings Cross
478231D3711:15 Kings Cross-Leeds 478231A1611:25 Leeds-Kings Cross
475921D3913:15 Kings Cross-Leeds 475921A2114:35 Leeds-Kings Cross
478301D4014:10 Kings Cross-Doncaster Note 4 314131A2316:05 Leeds-Kings Cross
475351D4115:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 474221A2516:55 Leeds-Kings Cross Note 2
478231D4316:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 478301A2717:50 Doncaster-Kings Cross Note 4
314131D4719:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 475351A3217:55 Leeds-Kings Cross
312081D4820:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 478231A3819:45 Leeds-Kings Cross
314131A3620:40 Leeds-Kings Cross

Saturday 28th October 1989

475881D4014:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 476241A2014:10 Leeds-Kings Cross
474171D4316:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 475881A2416:10 Leeds-Kings Cross
476241D4618:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 476241A3019:35 Leeds-Kings Cross

Sunday 29th October 1989

476241D3509:15 Kings Cross-Leeds 474171A1209:55 Leeds-Kings Cross
478141D3711:15 Kings Cross-Leeds 474761A1611:25 Leeds-Kings Cross
474651D3913:15 Kings Cross-Leeds 478141A2114:35 Leeds-Kings Cross
474171D4014:10 Kings Cross-Doncaster Note 5 474651A2316:05 Leeds-Kings Cross
474761D4115:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 474071A2516:55 Leeds-Kings Cross Note 2
314631D4316:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 474171A2717:50 Doncaster-Kings Cross Note 5
312521D4719:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 476241A3217:55 Leeds-Kings Cross
474651D4820:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 474761A3819:45 Leeds-Kings Cross
312521A3620:40 Leeds-Kings Cross

Note 1 Train locomotive 47508, Mark II stock
Note 2 Should have been dragged but diesel hauled throughout.
Note 3 Not dragged, 47537 worked throughout on Mark II stock
Note 4 Train locomotive 91003, Mark II stock
Note 5 Train locomotive 89001, Mark II stock

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