Sheffield Branch

Spring 1999

All trains listed were dragged between York and Newcastle Upon Tyne except as noted. Trains diverted via Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees & Stillington except for the first weekend which saw trains diverted via Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees & Hartlepool.

Saturday 3rd April 1999

476351S0806:20 Doncaster-Glasgow Note 1 477771A0104:50 Newcastle-Kings Cross
477771S1206:05 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477801E0307:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477651S1307:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 476351E0407:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477611S1408:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 475751E0508:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477801S1709:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477651E0910:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477741S2209:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477611E1112:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
475751S2111:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477801E1312:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477651S2813:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477741E1514:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
476351S5113:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 475751E1614:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477801S3115:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477771E1716:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477611S3216:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477651E1816:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477801E2018:00 Glasgow-Doncaster Note 2

Sunday 4th April 1999

477741S1108:25 Doncaster-Glasgow Note 1 476351E0109:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477801S1408:30 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477741E0310:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477771S1809:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477611E0511:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
475751S1910:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477801E0710:45 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477651S2010:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477651E1112:45 Glasgow-Kings Cross
476351S2312:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 475751E1315:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477611S2513:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 476351E1514:45 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477741S2714:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477741E1816:20 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477801S2915:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh Note 3 477771E1918:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477651S3116:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477441E2017:55 Glasgow-Leeds
475751S3217:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow
476351S3418:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh

Saturday 10th April 1999

477261S3418:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477781E2018:00 Glasgow-Doncaster Note 2

Sunday 11th April 1999

477781S1108:25 Doncaster-Glasgow Note 1

Saturday 17th April 1999

477781S3418:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477641E2018:00 Glasgow-Doncaster Note 2

Sunday 18th April 1999

477641S1108:25 Doncaster-Glasgow Note 1 477821E0109:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross Note 2
477841S1408:30 Kings Cross-Glasgow Note 1
477871S1809:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh Note 1
477491S1910:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow Note 1
476351S2010:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh Note 1

Saturday 24th April 1999

477891S3418:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477271E2018:00 Glasgow-Doncaster Note 2

Sunday 25th April 1999

477271S1108:25 Doncaster-Glasgow Note 1

Saturday 1st May 1999

477361S3418:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477251E2018:00 Glasgow-Doncaster Note 2

Sunday 2nd May 1999

476271S1108:25 Doncaster-Glasgow Note 4 477441E0109:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477261S1408:30 Kings Cross-Glasgow 476351E0310:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477761S1809:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477341E0410:30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477371S1910:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 476271E0511:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477251S2010:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477261E0710:45 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477441S2312:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477761E1112:45 Glasgow-Kings Cross
476351S2513:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477371E1315:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
476271S2714:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477251E1415:30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477261S2915:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477441E1816:20 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477761S3116:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 476351E1918:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477371S3217:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 476271E2017:55 Glasgow-Leeds
477251S3418:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh
477441N1119:00 Kings Cross-Newcastle

Monday 3rd May 1999

477361A1207:00 Newcastle-Kings Cross

Saturday 8th May 1999

476351S3418:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477641E2018:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross Note 2

Sunday 9th May 1999

477441S1108:25 Doncaster-Glasgow Note 1

Saturday 15th May 1999

477931S3418:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477371E2018:00 Glasgow-Doncaster Note 2

Sunday 16th May 1999

477371S1108:25 Doncaster-Glasgow Note 1

Saturday 22nd May 1999

477501N1220:30 Kings Cross-Newcastle

Sunday 23rd May 1999

477801S1108:26 Doncaster-Glasgow Note 1 477501A0909:30 Newcastle-Kings Cross

Saturday 29th May 1999

47761+477701S3418:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477221E2018:00 Glasgow-Doncaster Note 2

Sunday 30th May 1999

477221S1108:30 Doncaster-Glasgow Note 1 477781E0109:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477921S1408:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477611E0209:30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
476351S1709:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477221E0310:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477601S1809:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477701E0511:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477751S1910:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477921E0710:50 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477781S2010:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 476351E0913:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477251S2312:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477601E1112:50 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477701S2513:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477751E1315:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477221S2714:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477781E1514:50 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477611S2814:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477701E1816:18 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477601S3116:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477611E1916:55 Glasgow-Kings Cross
476351S3217:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477601E2018:00 Glasgow-Leeds
477921S3317:10 Kings Cross-Edinburgh
477751S3418:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh
477781N1119:00 Kings Cross-Newcastle

Note 1 Dragged Doncaster to Newcastle
Note 2 Dragged Newcastle to Doncaster
Note 3 47780 York-Seaton Carew, 47761 assisted Seaton Carew-Newcastle
Note 4 Dragged Doncaster to Newcastle. 47627+47635(dead)

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