Sheffield Branch

Late Summer Holiday 1999

All trains were dragged between Newark Northgate and Doncaster and diverted via Gainsborough Lea Road except were shown otherwise. Northbound (Down) trains were routed via Decoy South Junction approaching Doncaster. Southbound (Up) trains were routed via Black Carr Junction leaving Doncaster.

Saturday 28th August 1999

477651S3317:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477871E8414:30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross Note 1
477871D4517:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 477421E1614:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477421D4818:30 Kings Cross-Bradford 477881A2717:35 Leeds-Kings Cross Note 2
477711N1019:00 Kings Cross-Newcastle 477641E1715:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477641D4919:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 475651A2918:40 Leeds-Kings Cross
475651N1220:00 Kings Cross-Newcastle 477651E1816:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477651D5020:30 Kings Cross-Leeds 477711E2018:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477871D4721:30 Kings Cross-Leeds

Sunday 29th August 1999

474741S1408:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477871E2407:50 Edinburgh-Kings Cross Note 3
477421S1709:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477421E0108:50 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477641S1809:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477641E0211:01 Newcastle-Kings Cross
477251S1910:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477881E0309:50 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477651S2010:30 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477651E0410:20 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477871S2211:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 477251E0510:55 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
477421S2312:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow 477871E0710:50 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477641D3814:10 Kings Cross-Leeds 477421E1112:50 Glasgow-Kings Cross
477251S3814:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh
477871S3116:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh

Note 1 Not diverted, dragged between Doncaster and Newark via Retford
Note 2 Dragged between Leeds and Newark
Note 3 Dragged from Newark to Kings Cross by 47771

Photographs and other information will be welcomed by Peter Hall

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