Sheffield Branch

Winter 2012

   67026 at Doncaster dragging 91121 on 1D13 12.03 Kings Cross-Leeds on 15th January 2012   Robert Pritchard

On 15th January the trains shown were dragged between Retford and Leeds. Northbound diverted via Hambleton. Southbound diverted via Woodlesford, Normanton, Turners Lane Junction and Calder Bridge Junction.

On 18th and 25th February the trains shown were dragged between Newark Northgate and Doncaster and diverted via Swinderby, Saxilby, Gainsborough and Decoy South Junction (Black Carr Junction*).

Sunday 15th January 2012

670261D1312:03 Kings Cross-Leeds 670261A4316:47 Leeds-Kings Cross

Saturday 18th February 2012

670281D1512:19 Kings Cross-Leeds 670211A3714:44 Leeds-Kings Cross
670291D1714:19 Kings Cross-Leeds 670291A4316:45 Leeds-Kings Cross
670211D2116:03 Kings Cross-Leeds 670211A4918:45 Leeds-Kings Cross
670291D2618:03 Kings Cross-Leeds

Saturday 25th February 2012

670191D1512:19 Kings Cross-Leeds 670191A3714:44 Leeds-Kings Cross*
670281D1714:19 Kings Cross-Leeds 670281A4316:45 Leeds-Kings Cross*
670191D2116:03 Kings Cross-Leeds 670191A4918:45 Leeds-Kings Cross*
670281D2618:03 Kings Cross-Leeds

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last updated: 26/02/12