Sheffield Branch

Early Autumn 2013

All trains shown were planned to be, or were, dragged between Doncaster and Peterborough and diverted between Doncaster and Peterborough via Gainsborough Lea Road, Lincoln and Spalding. Northbound trains were routed via Sleaford station between Sleaford North and South Junctions and Decoy South Junction approaching Doncaster. Southbould trains were routed via Black Carr Junction leaving Doncaster and direct via the Sleaford avoiding line.

   67024 drags 91109 through Sleaford on 14th September 2013 forming 1S21 13:44 King’s Cross-Leeds.   Lindsay Atkinson
   67024 drags 91120 through Sleaford on 28th September 2013 forming 1D15 12:35 King’s Cross-Leeds   Lindsay Atkinson

   67022 against the buffers at Kings Cross having arrived dragging the 1A40 16:05 Leeds-Kings Cross further than intended on 26th October 2013.   Graham Ledger

Saturday 14th September 2013

670241S2113:44 Kings Cross-Edinburgh 670211E2115:30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross

Saturday 21st September 2013

670211D1512:35 Kings Cross-Leeds 670241A3112:45 Leeds-Kings Cross
670241D2316:50 Kings Cross-Leeds 670211A4016:05 Leeds-Kings Cross

Saturday 28th September 2013

670241D1512:35 Kings Cross-Leeds caped1A3112:45 Leeds-Kings Cross
670051D2316:50 Kings Cross-Leeds Note 1 670241A4016:05 Leeds-Kings Cross

Saturday 5th October 2013

670051D1512:35 Kings Cross-Leeds 670221A3112:45 Leeds-Kings Cross
670221D2316:50 Kings Cross-Leeds 670051A4016:05 Leeds-Kings Cross

Saturday 12th October 2013

670221D1512:35 Kings Cross-Leeds 670271A3112:45 Leeds-Kings Cross
670271D2316:50 Kings Cross-Leeds 670221A4016:05 Leeds-Kings Cross

Saturday 19th October 2013

670211D1512:34 Kings Cross-Leeds 670221A3113:05 Leeds-Kings Cross
670221D2317:03 Kings Cross-Leeds 670211A4016:05 Leeds-Kings Cross

Saturday 26th October 2013

caped1D1512:35 Kings Cross-Leeds Note 2 670241A3112:45 Leeds-Kings Cross
670241D2317:03 Kings Cross-Leeds 670221A4016:05 Leeds-Kings Cross Note 3
670271D3219:11 Kings Cross-Leeds Note 1

Note 1 dragged Kings Cross to Doncaster
Note 2 terminated at Peterborough, dragged ecs from Peterborough to Doncaster by 67016, then ecs to Leeds
Note 3 dragged Doncaster to Kings Cross

Photographs and other information will be welcomed by Peter Hall

last updated: 19/12/16