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ECML Dragged Trains - Late Spring 2017

   67018 attached to 91115 at the head of 1A34 14:01 Leeds - Kings Cross on Sunday 28th May 2017 about to depart from Leeds   Herbert van Hippy
   67024 about to be detached at Doncaster from 91124 at the head of 1A22 10:01 Leeds - Kings Cross on Sunday 4th June 2017   Andy Barclay

Trains between Doncaster and Leeds normally routed via Wakefield Westgate were diverted on Sunday 28th May and Sunday 4th June via Hambleton South - West Junctions and Micklefield. Although all trains were booked to be HST operated the trains shown were dragged between Leeds and Doncaster as a result of substition of HSTs by Class 91 + Mark IV stock formations.

Sunday 28th May 2017

670181A3414:01 Leeds-Kings Cross Note 1 670181D2317:05 Kings Cross-Leeds Note 2

Sunday 4th June 2017

670241A2210:01 Leeds-Kings Cross Note 3 670241D1513:04 Kings Cross-Leeds Note 3
670241A4016:01 Leeds-Kings Cross Note 3 670241D3019:35 Kings Cross-Leeds Note 4

Note 1 Dragged locomotive was 91115
Note 2 Dragged locomotive was 91121
Note 3 Dragged locomotive was 91124
Note 4 Dragged locomotive was 91117

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last updated: 17/09/17