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The Society has a collection of images dating from pre-WW2 to the present day. The images, which are mainly the work of late members, are arranged in thirteen lists shown below. These lists are available in Adobe Acrobat format as a download or you can use the search function on this website to select individual images. The full set of lists covers upwards of 43,000 images. Copies of the images can be ordered as digital prints or .jpg files. You can order digital prints or .jpg files online via the Zenfolio website using the search function. Enter all or part of the loco number and/or location into the box above and click "search".


List 1ASteam locomotives (BR & Miscellaneous Companies)browse steam
List 1BSteam locomotives (GWR & Constituent Companies)
List 1CSteam locomotives (LMSR & Constituent Companies)
List 1DSteam locomotives (LNER & Constituent Companies)
List 1ESteam locomotives (SR & Constituent Companies)
List 2Diesel locomotives, DMUs & Gas Turbine Locomotivesbrowse diesels
List 3Electric locomotives, EMUs & Tramsbrowse electrics
List 4Coaching stockbrowse coaches
List 5Rolling stock (other than coaches)browse rolling stock
List 6Buildings & Infrastructure (including signalling)browse buildings
List 7Industrial and Light Railwaysbrowse industrial
List 8Overseas railways, Trams & Trolleybusesbrowse overseas
List 9Miscellaneous Itemsbrowse miscellaneous

You can search these lists online by typing some text into the search box at the top of this page and clicking "search". The results of the search will display applicable image details and thumbnail images (if available).

You can also browse the entire collection in Zenfolio.

The list of contributing photographers is here.

Ordering prints/images via the Zenfolio website

Prints ordered via the Zen Folio website are available at the following sizes and prices:

6” x 4”£2.00
9” x 6”£3.00
12” x 8”£5.00

Postage is determined by Zenfolio and starts at £2.76/order. There is no minimum order when ordering on line.

Ordering prints/images via Royal Mail

Prints ordered via Royal Mail are priced at £2.00 each inclusive of VAT

NOTE: Prints ordered via Royal Mail are only available at postcard (5.5” x 3.5”) size and there is a minimum order of 5 prints. If possible, please order via Zenfolio.

Please use the Order Form

Orders should be for a minimum of 5 prints (postcard, 5 1/2” x 3 1/2” approx), either as 1 copy of 5 different images or multiple copies of 1 or more images totaling a minimum of 5 prints. Please use the order form and list the required images by image number with a brief description e.g.:

     PUL3239 Pullman car 71
     RPP181 Loco 1341

Hard copy orders should be sent to :

"Bay View"
15 Cat Tree Road
LA11 7EB

Please allow 28 days for delivery.

Postage and Packing rates for Royal Mail Orders (effective January 2018)

£2.76 per order irrespective of the size of the order.

Payment must accompany each order. Cheques, money orders or postal orders (not cash) payable to the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society (in full). Please allow 28 days for delivery.

last updated: 14/01/19