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Advance Warning - Move to Zenfolio

Next year the way prints are sold from the Photographic Archive will change. Sales will be made through Zenfolio, in a variety of sizes, at prices starting from £2.00 for a 6" x 4" print (plus postage and packing). There will be no minimum order.

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Photographers, whose images, some or all of which are held by the Railway Correspondence & Travel Society, are listed below:

ARJMr Alan Johnson (Colour images)
BJWBrian J Walter (B&W images)
BROMr Brough (B&W images)
CARMichael Carter (B&W and colour images)
CASC G Castle (B&W images)
CCCyril Crawley (B&W and colour images)
CHJohn Haydon (B&W and colour)
COTMajor E A S Cotton (B&W images)
COWPEdwin Cowper (Colour images)
CRAImages donated by the Cumbrian Railways Association
CULJohn Cull (B&W images)
DAVMr Davidson (B&W and colour images)
DCADavid Caldwell (B&W and colour images)
DCHDavid Chubb (Colour images)
DEWDoug White (B&W images)
DPTDavid Tomlin (Colour images)
DWADavid W Allen (B&W images)
FAIJack Faithfull (B&W images)
FRERob Freeman (Colour images)
GGRGordon Grubb (Colour images)
HUKevin Hughes (B&W and colour images)
JAYJohn A Young (B&W images)
JEBJohn E Baker (B&W and colour images)
JFRJohn F Robinson (Colour images)
JHVJ H Vickery (B&W images)
KAGKeith Guthrie (B&W and colour images)
LIPGeoff Lipscombe (Colour images)
LJHLes J Hallett (B&W images)
MJBM J Burnett (B&W and colour images)
MMMichael Mensing (B&W and colour images)
MSLM Southwell (Colour images)
NBNorman Browne (B&W and colour images)
PGPeter Green (B&W images)
PHILW T Phillips (B&W images)
PHWPhillip H Wells (B&W images)
PMBPeter Mallaband (B&W and colour images)
PROUPeter Proud (B&W images)
RERay Reed (B&W and colour images)
RGWMr R G Warwick (B&W and colour images)
RHRoger Hateley (B&W and colour images)
RIPKeith Rippengal (Colour images)
RPPR P Phillips (B&W images)
SUTDavid Sutcliffe (B&W and colour images)
TFDT. F. Davis (Colour images)
THOMr J Thomas (Colour images)
UNKImages from photographers who cannot be identified
WARDMr Ward (B&W images)
WOOLN Woolhouse (B&W images)

last updated: 17/02/17