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GGR0377CVFNewquay signal box 13/9/87
GGR0388CNewquay station signal box 13/9/87
CC00436CNewton Abbot West signal box c 1970s
GGR0237CVFNorth Pole Junction signal box 25/9/82
JH00117Norton Junction signal box (near Worcester) 13/7/2000
CUL0363VFNorton Junction signal box viewed from a train 11/5/57
JH00120Paddington station signal box (closed) 31/7/2000
JH00121Par station signal box 4/4/78
CUL0123Part of Penryn signal box viewed from a train 3/9/63
PG02350Penryn signal box viewed from a passing DMU c mid 1960s
PG02352Penwithers Junction signal box and showing the token exchange for Falmouth to Truro branch service as it joins the Penzance to Plymouth main line c mid 1960s
JH00122Penzance signal box 29/4/96
GGR0046CPenzance signal box 4/5/86
CUL0165Perrranporth signal box and goods shed looking towards Newquay 13/9/53
JH00123Plymouth North Road East signal box (closed) 22/1/02
JH00125VFPontrilas signal box 21/9/94
TFD0400CPortmadoc crossing viewed from the station platform c 1972
TFD0399CPortmadoc signal box (non-steps end) c 1972
JH00126Princes Risborough signal box 24/6/99
JH00127Puxton & Worle signal box 10/7/02
CUL0481Rainbow Hill Junction water crane and signal box, Worcester 7/5/67
HU05947Crear view of Ystrad Mynach signal box 24/6/97
JH00128Roskear Junction (Cambourne, Cornwall) signal box 30/4/96
CUL0073Salisbury GWR signal box 3/7/66
NB01343CShepherds Station signal box after closure, June 1964
JH00134Shirley (West Midlands) signal box 24/4/97
GGR0277CVFShrewsbury Abbey Foregate Junction signal box 10/12/88
JH00136Shrewsbury Abbey Foregate signal box 27/6/97
JH00138Shrewsbury Sutton Bridge Junction signal box 27/6/97
JFR0317CSide view of the old Totnes signal box (now used as a café) c 2004-6
CUL0509Signal box (, level crossing and demolition work on the down platform at Henwick station, Worcester 1/6/68
BRO0223Signal boxes at Highbridge (GWR and S&DJR)
GGR0267CVFSignal levers in Ladbroke Grove signal box 23/1/81
PMB0149Signalman operating signal levers in Aberdovey signal box 5/8/60
CUL0627Smethick Junction and signal box viewed from a train on the Galton spur 20/5/67
FAI1518Speech House Road signal box 20/6/64
JH00129St Andrews Junction (near Bristol) signal box 16/4/03
JH00130St Austell signal box (closed) 12/4/2000
JH00131St Blazey Junction signal box 8/4/2000
JH00132St Erth signal box 27/4/96
JH00135VFSt Mary's Crossing signal box 29/5/03
RE01351CStaverton Bridge signal box, SDR c 1970s
NB01608Staverton Bridge station signal box
GMS0028CStaverton level crossing viewed from the station 29/3/75
CUL0043Steventon level crossing 24/8/57
JH00137Stourbridge Junction signal box 7/1/97
CC00376CStourbridge Junction South signal box c mid 1960s
CC00493Talyllyn West Junction signal box c 1960s
CUL0094Teignmouth old quay signal box and siding Junction 13/9/63
JH00327CTintern signal box (preserved) 30/3/04
DUNS480CTiverton Junction signal box viewed from a train c April 1981
DUNS034CTiverton station signal box and crossing c May 1975
HU05963CTondu signal box and junction 30/9/97
JH00332CTorquay signal box 20/6/00
JH00141Torquay South signal box 20/6/2000
JH00331CTorre signal box 20/6/00
JH00330CTotnes signal box 23/5/07
JH00143Totnes signal box (in use as a café) 28/4/2001
JH00144Tram Inn signal box (Hereford) 2/10/98
JH00145Truro signal box 30/4/96
GGR0044CTruro signal box and signal 4/5/86
GGR0380CVFTyseley No. 1 signal box 5/3/88
PG01337View along the track looking towards Gobowen from alongside Whittington Low Level View signal box c 1960s
JH00089View along the tracks looking towards Birmingham and showing the signal box at Droitwich Spa 20/3/98
RIP0345CView along the tracks to Brymbo Middle signal box c August 1965
PG02384View from a DMU of the Llantrisant West Level Crossing c early 1970s
PG01100View from a down LSW line train of Dorchester Junction, looking up the GW towards Yeovil and showing the signal box c 1970s
PG02370View from a train approaching Caedu Level Crossing, looking toward Nantymoel c early 1970s
PG01216VFView from a train looking east towards Pwllheli East signal box in the distance c 1970s
PG01072View from a train of Shrewsbury Abbey Foregate signal box (non-steps end) and looking towards the station 4/7/71
HU06310CView from the road of Glyndyfrdwy signal box (
FAI2782View from train approaching Ogmore Vale level crossing from the RCTS "Midland Welshman" rail tour 14/5/77
PG00664View from train of Taunton East Junction looking west and also showing part of Taunton East Junction signal box (rear) c 1970s
PG01333View looking north Oswestry towards the signal box (non-steps end) c 1960s
PG01326View looking north towards Barmouth South signalbox (non-steps end) and level crossing and showing two trains in the station c 1960s
PG01331View looking north towards Gobowen at Oswestry and showing Oswestry North Signal box (non-steps end) c 1960s
PG00983View looking towards Llandaff (for Whitchurch) from a train bound for Radyr and showing the signal box (non-steps end) c 1970s
PG00305View looking west along the track by Pwllheli East signal box taken from a train c 1970s
CH05921CView looking west towards Clink Road Junction and signal box 16/2/78
PG02302View of Boscarne signal box and signalman from the front of a DMU c mid 1960s
MSL0785CView of Kingswinford signal box (non-steps end) and Brierley Hill steel terminal 11/8/98
DUNS298CView of Kintbury station crossing c 1982
PG02160View of Oxford North Junction signal box viewed from a passing DMU c mid 1960s
RH02408CView over the crossing looking towards Barmouth South signal box c July 1987
JH00338CWarmley signal box (near Bristol) 1/9/04
CAR1092CWest London Sidings ground frame box c March 1965
JH00146West Ruislip signal box (closed) 2/2/2000
GMS0983CWestbury signal box (non-steps end) c 1979
JH00350CWhitecroft (Dean Forest) signal box 30/3/04
JH00247Whittington signal box (between Shrewsbury and Wrexham) 2/3/91
JH00140Worcester Shrub Hill signal box 31/1/97
GGR0227CWorcester Tunnel Junction signal box 30/12/81
JH00361CWrangaton (Kidderminster Museum) signal box 5/3/10
FAI2252Yatton West signal box 31/5/69
JH00139Yeovil Pen Mill signal box 23/5/05
DUNS078CWootton signal box, IOW SR c 2010
HU05605C3/4 view of Apperley Junction signal box 25/10/93
HU05977C3/4 view of Bangor signal box 1/12/97
HU05613C3/4 view of Bingley signal box 4/5/94
PG000943/4 view of Hartington signal box c 1970s


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