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LMSR and Constituent Companies
CUL3364Cl 11 No. 12060 at Saltley shed 20/6/53
WARD367Cl 11 No. 12108 at Wigan c 1970
RE04614CCl 35 No. 7076 and Cl 47 No. 47 117 at Bury, ELR 30/7/94
MSL0565CCl 37/4 No. 37 418 (EWS livery) on the 1354 Holyhead to Crewe service at Mold Junction 7/3/97
MJB0709CCl 47/7 No. 47 704 'Dunedin' at Edinburgh Waverley 14/9/84
RE01505CCl 47/8 No. 47 851 at Abergele 31/6/03
MSL0014CCl 56 No. 56 003 on a freight train at Clay Cross 27/5/92
JAY0436Cl Co-Co No. 10000 at Boscombe 6/3/53
JAY0443Cl Co-Co No. 10000 on the 11.46am local at Boscombe 21/3/53
JAY0475Cl Co-Co No. 10001 at Bournemouth Central 26/4/53
JAY0557Cl Co-Co No. 10001 at Bournemouth Central 26/4/53
HU00365Cl Hawthorne Leslie (E3846/1936) DE 0-6-0 No. 12000 at Derby Works 23/4/61
PMB0392Cl LMS DE 0-6-0 No. 12013 at Bescot station 3/9/61
HU00130Cl LMS DE 0-6-0 No. 12024 at Liverpool Speke Junction shed 29/9/57
HU00335Cl LMS DE 0-6-0 No. 12027 at Speke Junction shed 8/1/61
PMB0484Cl LMS DE 0-6-0 No. 12028 and 2 others (unidentified) at Speke shed (side view electrification mast partly hiding No. 12028) 8/8/62
JAY1768Cl Service Loco No. ED1 at Derby shed 10/6/56
CH01761Cl Shunter No. 12004 at Bescot shed 16/6/62
CH01760Cl Shunter No. 12013 at Bescot shed 16/6/62
CH00648Cl shunter No. 12037 at Mold Junction 28/8/60
RE02635CDiesel mechanical shunter No. 7049 at Steamtown, Carnforth 17/9/77
RE04366CDiesel shunter No. ED1 (Fowler) possibly at Beeston sleeper works c early 1960s
CUL3361Shunter No. 12000 (Hawthorne Leslie E3841/1936) in Derby shed 17/2/57
PG00576View looking west along platforms at Fenchurch Street station 12/9/70


C - ColourVF - Vertical Format     CVF - Colour Vertical Format
Very good - good lighting and all details clearly visible
Good - similar to VG but not quite optimum conditions
Fairly good - some parts, i.e. under-frames etc may be in shadow or details unclear
Fair - Subjects where buffers, chimneys or tenders etc have been cut off but otherwise are of reasonable quality
Poor - Prints of interesting or unusual subjects of a quality, which would not normally be included in the catalogue.
no starsnot yet assessed


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