Diesel Dilemmas

Class 14 Exports

   On a rainy 25th May 1996 D9505 is pictured at Moerbeke-Wass Sugar Factory, near Gent, Belgium.   Mark Jones


Five Class 14 (D95xx) locomotives have been exported from Great Britain for further use. The first two departed in 1975 whilst the other three left in 1982. Although much has been published about their overseas histories the picture is far for complete with many gaps. It is the intention of this dilemma to try and fill those gaps.

Belgium duo

The two exported in 1975 were overhauled by SA Sobermai, Maldegem, near Bruges before being sold on. Whilst the subsequent history of D9505, sold to Moerbeke-Waas sugar factory, near Gent, is reasonably recorded, what became of D9534 is much less clear.

Spanish trio

The three exported in 1982 were apparently intended for a Spanish mining company but this never came to fruition. For several years after arrival in Spain they were stored at Chamartin Yard, Madrid. They were still present in February 1986 but what then became of them is somewhat of a mystery. It is known that at least two, if not all, of them subsequently saw use with an infrastructure company called "Curbiertas and MZOV", abbreviated as "CMZ". In 1997 this company merged with "Entrecanales y Tavora" to form "NECSO Entrecanales Cubiertas S.A". D9548 was numbered P-602-03911-002-CMZ and also carried number 93 71 1310 602-8 by 1998, whilst D9549 was numbered P-601-0-3911-003-CMZ. It has been suggested that D9515 became P-602-3911-001-CMZ. However, photographic evidence exists of this number being carried by a Ferrotrade built JT500 diesel hydraulic shunter. Thus, if D9515 did see use with CMZ a more likely number would be P-603-0-3911-004-CMZ but no evidence to support this possibility has been unearthed.


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