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Complete BR Locomotive Database 1948-1997

British Steam

Information of British steam locomotives, details and histories, from the WD, GWR, LMS, LNER and Southern Railway are presented in a searchable data base. The data base is very extensive covering shed locations during the locomotives' use and dates of final withdrawal. Other sections cover Shed entries and a comprehensive picture gallery which includes rarer vehicles like steam railcars

Class 47 Locomotives Around the Southampton Area   RCTS member's site

Regularly updated pictures and archive material shows the decline of The Class 47 locomotives around the Southampton area. The high quality pictures shown enable detailed studies of the locomotives to be made.

Colour-Rail Transport Photographs   RCTS member's site

Details of a range of transport photographs for sale. Rail and road in black and white and colour slides are available covering the period 1900 to the present time.

End of the Line

This fascinating site lists locomotives that fall into the withdrawn/stored categories, a situation that can and does change quite rapidly. This site aims to keep track of this ever-changing situation. Other sections on the site present photographic collections, locomotive disposals and fleet status. The links section is also well worth a visit.

Great Railway Journeys of Britain   RCTS member's site

Photographs taken from lineside locations along railway routes are shown. An accompanying text with each picture describes items of particular note that add interest to the site.

Merseyside and North Cheshire; 8A Rail

This site covers Merseyside and North Cheshire. Information is given on the numerous freight trains in the area as well as other related subjects.

Micheal Clemens Railways

This site give access to an archive of former R.C.T.S. member's travels and shows records of visits dating from January 1959 until the end of steam in 1968. By clicking on 'Dennis Bath's Locomtive Miscellany' access is gained to unique records of train observations dating from the 1940's. This a chance to view some rare notes and photographs from all over the world.

Pauline McKenna's Photographs   RCTS member's site

A superb collection of railway photographs can be viewed here of mainly British scenes. Select the pictures you wish to view in thumbnail form then expand your choice to study the expert compositions in detail.

Railway Codes and other data   RCTS member's site

The railways provide codes and abbreviations for everything. This site concentrates on infrastructure and service matters. What are ELRs? What is the CRS code for my station? What does this TIPLOC mean? Look it up here, together with NLC codes, PRIDE numbers, and which parts of the railway were opened experimentally under the Speller legislation. Now includes STANOX, signal box prefix and electrification mast prefix codes.

Save Our Railways

This site is intended as a "resource centre" for rail companies and enthusiasts. Included are many useful links to rail companies, The Rail Regulator, Government bodies, passenger groups, rail museums, heritage lines, information for modellers and a discussion forum.

St. Helens & South Lancs. Rail & Bus Site   RCTS member's site

This chiefly photographic site has many pictures from the title area. Timings and photographs from elsewhere in the U.K. and Europe are also shown. The site is updated approximately once a month.


This site is an vast information resource. Much of the information is presented as precis drawn from fuller texts of locomotives and locomotive types, railway engineers, manufacturers, magazines and other topics. This excellent site is well worth visiting with much knowledge to be gained of steam railway matters.

The Great Central Works at Dukinfield   RCTS member's site

Current projects and photographs are shown.

The London Post Office Railway

Maps, many photographs and a comprehensive text about London's mail only underground railway.

The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway

This link leads to the official site for the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway in Exmoor, North Devon, U.K.. Including the latest up to date information and news from the railway at Woody Bay and the project to reinstate this historic narrow gauge line.

The North Wales Coast Railway

This site is devoted to matters relating to the railways of North Wales, the main lines from Manchester and Crewe to Bangor and Holyhead and includes the branch lines to Blaenau Ffestiniog and Llandudno, connecting routes and the line around the Cambrian Coast. Topics past and present are covered. To be viewed are current timetables. a route guide and history, descriptions types of trains operatinguh and a sizeable collection of fine photographs.

The Railway Forum

The Railway Forum is the voice and lobby group for the whole of the railway industry and represents the majority of the industry. Included within the group are TOCs, ROSCOs, infrastructure providers, equipment and service suppliers together with PTEs. Available for perusal are details of press releases, publications, events and more.

The Railways Archive

Britain's railways have a long, unique and complex history, shaped by engineering, politics, economics and social change. Acts of Parliament, accident reports records, and publicity material many not readily accessible can be viewed from this site. From the dawn of railways circa (2000 years ago) to the present time copies of reports can be viewed. This site will be a valuable resource from those studying railway history. A section is given to assist in tracing records of former railway employees.


Trainspots is a growing archive of railway photographic locations up and down the U.K. How to reach the location, what the area is like, and perhaps even where the location of the nearest chip shop is given. Trainspots covers both current running lines and preserved railways. A very useful site with photographs from the locations.

Transport of Delight   RCTS member's site

This site presents a fine selection of photographs covering the period from 1959 to the present day. There are section for railways, trams, trolleybuses, buses, museums and preservation and The West Somerset Railway. Transports of Delight is part of the Webmaster’s excellent Aspects of Exmoor site.

U.K. Stock Lists

Rail operating companies are listed together with a lists of their equipment.


Visit this site for up to date information on steam locomotives that have recently, are currently or are planned to operate mainline duties. Details of mainline tours, locomotive movements and locomtive availability are presented. Many links are provided to heritage lines, museums and preservation centres. A very useful site for followers of steam traction.

last updated: 30/04/14