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France :- Bonnetable

France :- Bonnetable


Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (67-035-21)
30/06/2014 from Toby Clempson
location: Winterton and Thealby
North Lindsay Light Railway station seen from the south, showing the station building and signalbox on the right, a small brick building in the goods yard on the left and the station master's house to the left of the DMU which appears to be standing in the down loop platform.
26/03/2016 from Judith Piatt
location: Winterton DN15 9RN
I found the information very interesting and enjoyed looking at the photo of Winterton Station.
07/02/2017 from John Padley
location: Winterton
Spelling correction: "Lindsay" is a girl's name; the county is/was "Lindsey".
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