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Round Oak Rail, Brierley Hill


Cadoxton Jct.
The junction for Barry Island & Barry Pier?
Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (B-64-29)
27/10/2010 from Mark Sutton
Cogan Junction. Penarth branch straight ahead, main line from Barry on the right.
27/10/2010 from Graham Gull
If the frames are in order, and we are still heading towards Barry, I suggest Cadoxton looking east towards Cardiff. DMU is standing on Wenvoe line. There is no FB over the Penarth Branch at Cogan Junction?
28/10/2010 from Cyril
Does the empty land at the left help identify this location? It suggests to me that many sidings quite long ones too, possibly stretchind under that footbridge, have been removed. If it is Cadoxton, I understand the site, left, is now a housing estate!
28/10/2010 from Kevin Tattersley
Looking at OS map & GW Atlas I would say that Graham is correct.
29/10/2010 from Chris Crawley
This is Cadoxton with a DMU standing on the Wenvoe line. There were 19 up sidings & 18 sidings on the down side with the running lines through the centre. The footbridge crossed the sidings about halfway down their length. This information is from "Branch Lines around Barry" published by Middleton Press.
31/10/2010 from Mark Higginson
So in railway terms this is CADOXTON JUNCTION. The Wenvoe line had closed in 1963, so this can only be a siding and I do wonder whether the stabled unit is for the Penarth Branch service via Sully and Lavernock, which closed between Cadoxton (Biglis Junction) and Penarth on 6 May 1968. The huge expanse of land here illustrates the vast amount of coal traffic brought down from the valleys to Barry, but by the early 1980s this whole area had been given over to housing, to the extent that from a passing train at least there was no sign that this installation had ever existed.
01/11/2010 from Brian Rolley
This is Cadoxton Jct. and the Penarth branch 'single car' unit would stable in this siding.
24/05/2011 from JG Morgan
One short siding remained at Cadoxton Junction (after closure of the yard and the Wenvoe line in 1963) until May 1968 (according to RA Cooke) - which would tie in with the closure of the Barry to Penarth line on that date, and the siding being used to stable the DMU.
29/03/2013 from Danny Brewer
location: new zealand
I used to live on the housing estate that is now built on this land. The bridge in the distance was nicknamed the 'penny farthing bridge'. I believe the road where that line was is now called Arno Road
06/08/2016 from John Harkus
location: Cadoxton
@Danny - locally known as the Penny Bridge. I remember walking across it many times when I was young. The housing estate is built on what was always called "The Yard", my grandparents lived in Old Mill Road which overlooks it.
10/09/2018 from B.P. Mills
location: Cadoxton South Junction
location: Former Cadoxton South Junction
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