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Round Oak Rail, Brierley Hill


Barry Pier
Cl.120 on a Special Train at Barry Pier Stn. Looking towards the tunnel
Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (B-64-34)
28/10/2010 from Cyril
Tour train at Barry Pier station. We are looking roughly west, through the tunnel towards Barry Island station. Tour date 13/4/68.
31/10/2010 from Mark Higginson
Just visible in front of the tunnel portal is the single track flat crossing made by one of the dock lines that emerged from a rabbit hole through Redbrink Point (right behind the footbridge steps) and then ran out onto the West Breakwater (left). This was not a flat crossing in the conventional sense but rather a series of sleepers on which rails had to be laid when access across the Pier branch was required to the breakwater. Barry Pier signal box stood on the left between the footbridge and the flat crossing. It was reduced to a ground frame in 1952, which I suspect was when the right-hand platform went out of use and was no doubt dispensed with entirely when runround facilities were taken away.
07/02/2011 from Ian Hughes
My records show the Pier box as OOU 1929 when the line was singled, the far platform road being lifted in 1953, just leaving a rr and the platfrom face road. Pier tunnel GF and Pier GF taken oou 1964 as was the RR road. last service Oct 1971 last railtour Apl 1973 branch TOU June 1976.
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