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7605 (Cl.25) and 8115/42 (Cl.20) Lenton South Jct.

Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (G-075-04)
04/04/2012 from SimonF
location: Lenton South Jct.
Aftermath of the fatal head on collision which took place on 16th December 1971. details can be found here: http://www.railwaysarchive.co.uk/eventsummary.php?eventID=891
04/04/2012 from Peter Kazmierczak
location: Lenton South Junc.
The aftermath of a head on collision between a pair of Cl.20s coming off the Mansfiled line with a coal train and a Cl.25 (which was subsequently withdrawn) heading a parcels towards Nottingham. This is a view of the crash scene looking south west towards Beeston. Can't remember the exact date off the top of my head - early 1970s if I recall.
04/04/2012 from Peter Kazmierczak
location: Lenton South Junc.
Date of crash, 16th December 1971. The Cl.25 written-off was 7605, whilst the two Cl.20s were 8115 and 8142. The were three traincrew fatalities.
04/04/2012 from Michael Doyle
location: Lenton South Junc.
17th Dec 1971: The scene after the head on collision between a pair of 20's and a 25. There were 3 fatalities and 1 injured, the cause was driver error. Trent Power Box had only been in control of the Nottingham Area for just under 2 Years when this happened. The driver of the coal train had passed the signal that protected Lenton South on the Leen Valley Branch at Danger and headed into the path of the oncoming Parcels train.
04/04/2012 from Michael Doyle
location: Lenton South Junc.
An extract from the official report of the incident: A special freight train conveying coal from Bestwood Park to Derby was running off the Up North Curve line through Lenton South Junction onto the Up Main line under clear signals when it was struck head-on by the 01.30 parcels train from Liverpool to Nottingham, running on the Down Main line, which had passed at Danger the signal protecting the junction. Both trains were hauled by diesel locomotives, the coal train being double-headed.
04/04/2012 from Richard Allen ILkeston
location: Lenton South Junc.
Between Lenton South JCT & Beeston North JCT Looking towards Beeston. i knew the Nottingham driver of the parcels train & the signalman involved at Trent PSB, both were very experienced excellent first class men.
04/04/2012 from Mal Hammond
location: Lenton South Jct.
Just to clear Micheal's comments up. The coal train 9L14 was running under clear signals and had just passed a green aspect and was travelling at 5-10 mph. The parcels train 4D02 was running under cautionary signals yellow, double yellow then red at signal TT302. This had two light engines following 0F69. The signaller had already passed 3 trains forward to Nottingham parcels concentration depot. He therefore allowed the coal train precedence as the parcels train would be likely to be delayed or held. The max speed of the parcels train was 45 mph. Unfortunatly driver G B Stone age 53 passed signal TT302 at about 40mph at danger. The crash happend at about 45 mph combined speed at 06:15. Driver Stone's gaurd D L Sweeney age 28, and the driver of the coal train F C Carbon age 45 were also fatalities. All the fatalities were from the Nottingham area. A very sad day especially happening the week before Christmas.
04/04/2012 from Cyril
location: Lenton South Jct.
Thanks everyone for the information and explanations, though I don't quite understand the significance of "This had two light engines following 0F69" in comment No.7
05/04/2012 from Dave Blower
To explain - "This had two light engines following 0F69" in comment No.7. By taking statements from the driver and guard of 0F69 the inspecting officer was able to establish that 4D02 was not exceeding 40 - 45 mph.
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