Mystery Photographs

The Courtney Haydon Collection and Ron Dyer Archive


7605 (Cl.25) and 8115/42 (Cl.20) Lenton South Jct.

Leeds Hunslet

Leeds Hunslet



Lenton South Junc.

Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (G-075-07)
04/04/2012 from Peter Kazmierczak
location: Lenton South Junc.
Opposite side view of the fatal crash at Lenton South Junction, Nottingham.
04/04/2012 from Max Birchenough
Appears to be the aftermath of a head-on collision between a pair of twenties on a coal hopper train and a 24 or 25 (see visible bogie) on a parcels.
04/04/2012 from Graham Jelly
location: Lenton South Jct.
Aftermath of tragic accident on 16th December 1971. 3 Fatalities in head on collision between coal train coming off the Leen Valley branch and a parcels train on the main line.
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