Mystery Photographs

The Courtney Haydon Collection and Ron Dyer Archive

7605 (Cl.25) and 8115/42 (Cl.20) Lenton South Jct.

Leeds Hunslet

Lenton South Junc.



New Brighton

Leeds Hunslet

Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (G-075-08)
04/04/2012 from Dave Blower
location: Leeds Hunslet
Looking south east from Pepper Road bridge. The prominent girder bridge carried the Great Northern Hunslet Goods branch over the Midland Railway. The signal box (by this time the fringe box to Leeds PSB) was Hunslet South Junction.
05/04/2012 from Mark Higginson
Is there some confusion over the numbering of these negatives? Lenton-Hunslet-Lenton-Hunslet seems an odd sequence. Surely the two Lenton views would be paired, being taken at the same time; ditto the two Hunslet views?
05/04/2012 from Cyril
The same thing puzzles me too Mark. It does indeed look as though the frames are in the wrong order. As I wrote in the intro to this "G" series, (go back to G-001), these negs were scanned elsewhere and I have only the frames posted here. Furthermore I do not have access to be able to do a check. I think we should assume that they are out of sequence.
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