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Sea Mills

Clifton Down Tunnel

North Somerset Junction

Marsh Junction

Narroways Hill Junction

Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (G-227-24A)
01/02/2012 from Greg Dash
location: Narroways Hill Junction
Looking towards Filton with a train heading down Filton Bank on the now lifted Down Main.
01/02/2012 from Max Birchenough
1V86 was the down "Cornishman" from Bradford, as I recall.
19/04/2012 from Guy Vincent
location: Narroways Hill Junction
The two tracks on the right were taken out of use in January 1984 and removed later the same year as part of a continuous review of assets that British Rail was forced to implement due to a chronic lack of funds throughout the 1980's. A similar proposal to single the line between Bradford South Junction and Bathampton Junction was announced in March 1984, with the work programmed to take place in February 1986. This would have saved the cost of replacing several miles of old jointed track and enabled the one remaining line to be realigned for higher speeds. A public outcry and petition followed, a hasty rethink by BR thankfully saw the scheme quietly dropped in the autumn of the same year. This was also around the time that the "open station" system was adopted at all but the largest stations on the Western region, ticket barriers were removed and collectors were withdrawn including those at Temple Meads, Parkway and Bath Spa stations, passengers then being expected (and presumably trusted) to buy their tickets from the booking office before venturing onto the station to join their train!.
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