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Mixnitz - St Erhard, Austria

Maho Jct, Sri Lanka

Trawsfynydd Lake Halt

Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (Y-68-22)
25/03/2011 from Sam Green
Ah must be a crane right? Right! For a nuclear flask? So we must be at Trawsfynydd nuclear P.S?
25/03/2011 from Bob Ballard
location: Maentwrog Road
I agree with Sam. This is where the power stn sdgs were but the Stn is I believe Maentwrog Road as the village of Trawsfynydd was at the other end of the lake which flooded the line when created and was the next stn on the B.F.-Bala Branch. From memory the A470 is just over to the LHS.
25/03/2011 from Alan Norris
location: Trawsfynydd Lake Halt
Sorry, Bob - but this frame is not at Maentwrog Road. There was a halt at Trawsfynydd Lake, north end, near the power station, and this is where the flask transfer siding was. Maentwrog Road station was about a mile further north, and is seen on the next frame. The station locations can be seen on the 1953 OS map - http://www.npemap.org.uk/tiles/map.html#269,339,1 Trawsfynydd station was on the hillside above the village at the south end of the lake. The line was flooded by the new reservoir further east between Arenig and Frongoch, near Bala.
25/03/2011 from Max Birchenough
Yes, the power station loading point was right alongside Trawsfynydd Lake Halt.
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