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The Courtney Haydon Collection and Ron Dyer Archive

Round Oak Rail, Brierley Hill


Spink Hill
This looks like a closed M R station near a tunnel! Where is it? Direction?
Photograph: Courtney Haydon (67-103-27)
18/01/2010 from John Simmonds
Could be Spink Hill with Station Road bridge in the middle distance & Spink Hill Tunnel in the background. If it is we are heading SE from Killamarsh towards Langwith Junction.
18/01/2010 from Max Birchenough
The tour DID go this way, in which case, this is an LDEC station, not a Midland one! The fencing looks MR though, but the style of the nearest building is that of the LDEC.
18/01/2010 from Paul Armstrong
I agree with John and Max that this could be Spink Hill Station. It certainly looks very similar to the photgraphs that I have of the station, although they are taken from the other end of the platforms.
19/01/2010 from Syd Hancock
This is definitely Spink Hill station with the train heading towards Langwith Jct.
23/01/2010 from Peter Churchman
Definitely Spink Hill station, looking Sth towards the tunnel. This still exists as a private residence and despite closure in c1966, the tunnel is still open if anyone fancies a (somewhat wet!) walk through it. - Take a lamp though as it is curved!!
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