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Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (Y-87-05A)
20/04/2011 from Sam Green
Romford looking toward Emerson Park and Upminster. Line is now single and electrified
20/04/2011 from Cyril
I think I am right in saying that this line was built as single track by the MR and remains so .
20/04/2011 from Bob Ballard
location: Romford
Yes Cyril you are correct. The sidings in these photos no longer exist. The only connection with the Branch is at Romford.
20/04/2011 from Paul Armstrong
The sidings seen in the previous photograph were for a coal yard. It looks like the points were operated from a ground frame in the hut to the left of the points.
21/04/2011 from Mark Higginson
location: Romford
The Romford-Upminster branch was not built by the Midland but by the London, Tilbury & Southend Railway, opening in 1893. It did not come into MR ownership until 1912 when the MR took over the LTSR.
21/04/2011 from Cyril
In my defence, I had a picture in mind of a Johnson 0-4-4T on a push-pull set. I had completely forgotten the MR takeover of the LTS in 1912, was it? Thanks for setting the record straight Mark.
23/04/2011 from Brian Pask
From the other side of Brentwood Road looking towards Upminster. Probably same train as previous shot.
11/06/2011 from Dave Hodges
location: Romford - Upminster
Looking carefully at the layout I think the location is Victoria Road bridge looking toward Emerson Park. The points and headshunt on the right used to serve the Victoria Road goods depot, opposite which I used to live in the 1950's. The depot was usually worked 2 or 3 times a week at night and the lullaby of coal wagons clashing and wheels screeching on the quite sharp radius in the depot would send me to sleep contentedly. I never got to identify any of the steam locos that worked the yard but J39's, which were plentiful, seem a good bet. Still remember fondly the Johnson 0-4-4T's that thrashed back and forth twixt Romford and Upminster up until 1955 (I think), also remember them squashing pennies we put on the track by the footbridge a little bit closer to Romford station. Anoraks were still in the future too. Happy daze!
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